39 things worth sharing. Dear Fearne – a note for keeps on your 14th Birthday


Dear Fearne,

Happy Birthday! Woo!! 14!!!

As you turned 14 it made me realise; I was 14 – 20 years ago! Time sure does fly!

Here are some key ”things” I’d like to share with you, hopefully these will help you as you progress through life. 🙂

  1. Do what you love (this applies to pretty much EVERYTHING in your life; what classes you choose when you study/ where you work / what hobbies you do etc)
  2. Go as far as you can with learning a language – this will open up so many life opportunities (do an exchange year if you can / want to – I have met a few people over the years who studied in a different country for a year while in University. It is a really exciting way to get a better understanding for a place and its people)

Fun things

  1. Try Scuba Diving
  2. Keep surfing! You look ace on the video Ben sent me (from where I stole this pic!). We can go together soon!
  3. Do a summer camp in America – America is amazing. Imagine if you ended up working in the the movies or in New York. You never know!
  4. Do a ski season in New Zealand, Canada or Europe. Mum always used to tell me to do this and I never did. Wish I had!!
  5. Keep horse riding. Horses are one of the best things the world ever created 💕

Work things

  1. Do what you love
  2. When you work listen; to everyone around you (so you are always absorbing information like a sponge)
  3. If you decide a certain job/ team/ career path is not for you, you can definitely change it to find what feels good but give things a go first (so you are sure before you make any moves)
  4. Save 20% of your wages from your first wage and always do this (don’t falter on it. See it as a “must” then make it a life long habit). By the time you’re my age you will have a pretty penny stacked up – that will help you then and in later life
  5. It might not be so important when you start working but Excel is a tool I didn’t want to learn in school/ college but it is still important today (I use it daily!).

Important things

  1. Never stop reading – actual books, not your phone or things online. Books are sooo important in shaping a great life.
  2. Go as far in education as you can. Uni is so much fun and your qualifications will be something that (proudly!) stays with you forever.
  3. Take out a pension – this a fund where your money goes into a seperate account for you to access when you are an old lady! It feels far away now but it’s an important thing to have – ask Dad, he will know.
  4. Learn to use a camera properly – ask Dad, he is great with a camera.
  5. Keep fit – I know you are super into your fitness already, this is so great to see! Keep it up! Fitness is so important for your health, well being and confidence. The fittest girls are the coolest girls. FACT.
  6. Recycle!
  7. Learn about where you live and the planet in general – being knowledgable will help you make good decisions to help the world.
  8. Always have a smile for everyone! Be the person who smiles and gives a good handshake or a warm hug … be welcoming and loving.
  9. Love yourself
  10. Love life
  11. Know that with any downs/ mistakes  – the ups are coming. Be positive, keep trying and always look for the rainbow. 🌈

Other important things 

  1. Keep up with digital / technology trends
  2. Keep off your phone / social media. I know you’re pretty good anyway and don’t spend much time online and this is great – living in the moment is so much better than having your face glued to a screen.
  3. Have heroes; what film stars/ writers / fitness gurus / business people / or even family members do you really admire?. Learn about them, see what things they do that you can copy to help shape a more successful life too.

Things I do now that I would have done sooner/ more of, if I had given it a little more thought/ time when I was growing up;

  1. Write a blog / host a YouTube channel. I’ve been writing a blog for 10 years now – I use it for fun/ because I love to write but if you were interested in writing / filming or photographing your interests a blog, or another platform where you record your passions and projects, could open up lots of doors for you.
  2. Cooking! I was never keen on cooking and still don’t enjoy it – but it’s a basic life skill you need to look after yourself. Dad can help you with this too!
  3. Find something you are really passionate about where you can give back – maybe you can help coach younger kids Touch Rugby or something similar? That would be cool! I know you are keen on charity work – this would be something really amazing to pursue as you grow.

Super important things

  1. Keep being the best big sister ever. Little T has the best big sister in the world!
  2. All of your Grandparents will always be some of the best people in your life – make sure you keep in touch when you can and call them when you have time.
  3. Keep your best friends forever! Your closest friends will always be with you wherever you are in the world. Things will never change when you see them – that’s one of the best things about true friends. Things never change!
  4. Have healthy green drinks for breakfast
  5. Take good care of your hair, skin, teeth properly and your body in general
  6. Live with good eating habits – eat a proper breakfast (every day – never skip!). See food as fuelling your engine to make the most of of your days)
  7. If you’re not sure what to do – do the ”right” thing; the good thing, the better / safest option. Play it calm and safe!

Little life hacks

  1. Wearing black always looks smart if you can’t find anything else to wear. Little Black Dresses (when you are older!) will always be a can’t-fail option.
  2. Wear comfy shoes whatever you do/ wherever you go!
  3. You can’t go wrong with jeans, cool trainers and a t-shirt (change this to denim shorts if the weather is good!)
  4. Try on literally every pair of sunglasses in the shop until you find a pair that really suits your face shape.
  5. Travel far (and wide!) but always have a plan and a base to come home to.
  6. Keep a diary / journal of your days so you can set goals, make plans for adventures, know what you are working on. Keep them to look back on some day.
  7. Only move away if you find a country you can’t imagine not living in – otherwise, keep home as your base so you never lose touch with family. Living away is amazing but realistically it can be really hard as a long term decision. Maybe one day you can visit me in Australia during your University holidays? How cool would that be! 😉
  8. Watch Friends. It will never get old!

I was in my second year of University when you were born and went on to do 2 more years in Uni, then 6 years in London and have been traveling/ working away for 6 years this January!.

… I have been away for most of these 14 years. I have lived in Cardiff, London, Sydney, Thailand and New Zealand – although we are rarely in the same country, I am always here for you.

I love you very much and am just a flight away! Distance will never break our bond and check you surfing – you’re about as close to me as you can get right there. It’s so cool to see you doing what I love too! 💙

Because of our big age gap, I will always be able to give you good advice but at the end of the day; always listen to your Mum and Dad, as they will be right 99% of the time!

I called you today – you honestly looked like you had grown up overnight (again!). You look like a Disney Princess! Such a kind smile, lovely teeth, amazing skin and lots of fab hair!

Hope you have a fun birthday with our family, your friends and all the dogs in Singapore. See you soon!

LOVE YOU and congrats on surfing – you just keep getting stronger, fitter, more determined and cooler! 

Let’s never forget when the little one chopped her hair off. LOL. Love this pic taken at Christmas in Singapore 2018. 

The girls .jpg


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