Switching off personal social media opens up a whole new world


I’m three weeks down the track with no personal social media accounts and do I miss them? Do I bugger.

  1. No socials = more time
  2. More time = more focus
  3. More focus = more reading
  4. More reading = more learning
  5. More learning = more zest for life

Along with not using socials; I haven’t ”been out” socialising much either. My routine has been;

  1. Gym early doors
  2. Work
  3. Horses
  4. Read, write, research, consume content (Podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Gym / horses can switch times but I am doing pretty much ~the above~ every day.

Weekends you can add ”epic adventure somewhere beautiful” and ”go diving AGAIN and love every moment” to this list, as I while away my time exploring North Queensland.

Two lines I read recently have stuck with me;

”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

& ”When you are on purpose, you have passion on your side.” – read the full article here.

I am most definitely an eager life student; looking for the next big teaching / exciting bit of information to run with.

Passion is crucial in life. If we don’t have passion, for what we are doing – why are we doing it??!! Please read that post and think about it. If you are not passionate, is it time to readjust your gameplay? I.think.so.

Put your phone down, pick up a book and enjoy the journey of where your mind takes you. You will be amazed where you go!

Thank you for reading, have a great day.


*Side note; I use social media (Facebook and Instagram) with a work email so I can do my job. I have no personal page running (no friends or photos to look back on etc). So this access is solely business focused – which is a whole other ball game compared to my personal use. I cannot cut this out, as I need to be online in that regard to run our business accounts.




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