Will I always be single? My Dad left me forever & 6 awesome things from the last 5 weeks in Australia

Lara Lain larasstory Sydney

My birthday was love

It’s been a five weeks since I shared a ‘life update’ – so much has happened since then.

I flew to Sydney for my birthday, hoping my recently burst ear drum (yuck!) would hold steady on the plane.

My doctor had told me ”No flying. No diving until you can equalise” (clear your ears). I felt OK and guessed I was fine to fly. I thought I would ‘try it and see’ because, come hell or high water, I was NOT missing celebrating my birthday in my beloved Bondi!!

Thankfully it was completely fine … so on the way down to Sydney I knew I had something epic to look forward to when I got back to Cairns; more scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef!

Lara Lain larasstory Bondi Beach August 2019

You make me feel like HOME

Bondi Dreams 

My birthday was nearly a month ago already and my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor patiently waiting to be fully unpacked. Lol. I’ll do it later …

When I look back on my 6 nights in Bondi I will always think ‘I couldn’t have done, seen or wished for anymore’. There were 3 friends I hoped to see but we didn’t manage it (appreciate everyone is busy and it’s not always easy to link up, even if it’s pre-planned!) … the friends I did see made my time there awesome.

We laughed, drank, partied, explored Bondi like it was the first time I had ever been there and most importantly we looked in each in the eye, hugged in person and just had a jolly ol’ time living that unbeatable Bondi dream.

I see Bondi as my home. It is quite odd to know this is a true feeling for me; Pembroke, where I am from in West Wales, will always be my ‘actual home’ but Bondi is where I feel at home. There is little, to nothing, that can deter my heart from feeling a feel that is quite hard to describe when I am there. It just feels like it’s meant to be.

I ran from Bondi to Bronte one morning, went for walks down the beach and drove over the Sydney Harbour Bridge a couple of times on my adventures. I was so lucky to get to borrow my friends car – so unexpectedly, she just said I could have it. Having wheels in Sydney is the best! You can literally do anything you want, whenever you want – hello freedom in the best city in world! (Joint tie with London and New York😝)

HUGE THANKS to all the friends and loved ones who took time out to see me – you really did give me a birthday to treasure for always.

And as for you Bondi, I love you forever and I’ll see you soon! Until then; keep the dream alive!

Back to Cairns with my eyes wide open

Flying back to Cairns from Sydney, was the first time I have looked forward to flying back since moving here in January. That said a lot to me; I landed excited (how I should feel!) and was buzzing to get out on the Reef asap. Cairns feels good – I have so much to look forward to!

Lara Lain larasstory Pier Bar Cairns

”Lift the dream”

See ya later mate

One of my friends left Cairns recently and when he did I realised how big a part of my Cairns journey he had been. Of course I knew he was important; he is one of 3 that have really helped me settle into life here but seeing him go cemented the fact that he was one of my legends. Markus, you’ll probably never read this but THANK YOU and see you in Canada (or Queenstown;) one day not too far away hopefully.

CrossFit journey

After being off with my bad ear, then taking at least a week (no joke) to recover from my birthday in Sydney; I am fully back into my CrossFit training.

CrossFit is something else – if you’ve ever done it you’ll know! Every session in ‘The Box’ is different. You never know how tough it is going to be until you are actually doing it.

It’s a hectic mix of gymnastics, weights, cardio, core work and body strength.

I struggle REAL BAD with hand-eye coordination, considering I am so fit and into training you’d think I’d be able to do (simple) things like put my correct-hand to my correct-foot when doing certain exercises etc but NOPE.

Lol. I have to laugh though; I am sooo far behind pretty much everyone I train with I give myself kudos for getting stuck in.

My ultimate goals are; walk on my hands and climb a rope to the roof. This is going to take forever to achieve, let’s see if I can ever do either! My skipping has improved tenfold and I am getting there with understanding what weight movements are what etc – so I am really chuffed with this progression. As long as I am improving I am happy!

CrossFit is an extremely full-on, complicated form of sport/ exercise. I love it because it pushes me beyond my limits every time. Everyone at Marlin Coast CrossFit welcomes me with open arms – it’s a real community in that bonkers Box!

AJ Hackett Cairns

Work is good! I have pulled off various marketing campaigns recently and am increasingly proud of seeing the brand spring more to life as I go.

We are going through some exciting changes – our Global team has just recruited a new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who will be directing Global Marketing across every AJ’s site in the world.

We are all excited about this – I cannot wait to see what direction the brand is taken in and sincerely look forward to learning a lot on the way.

I am going to Bali with work soon (yes really);  I leave on Friday 27th to attend the Annual Global Summit – where every Head of Department attends from every site across the world. Watch this space – I can’t wait to learn! I will be sucking as much information out of those few days as possible. Gili T here we come!

Lara Lain larasstory horses cairns

Good morning!

Horses, horses, horses

I am babysitting the glorious black friesians (3 x Black Beauty!) at the moment while their owner (Mum;) is on holiday in Japan. Waking up at 6am to go and give them a hug before I crack on with the rest of my day is all kinds of lovely. I love them all! Friesians really are a breed like no other, they are so affectionate and majestic. They just KNOW they are special. 🖤

Lara Lain larasstory Great Barrier Reef Tusa Cairns

There’s no place like here. DREAMS!

Diving is life

I’ve touched on my feels for diving already but honestly, I just can’t get enough. Last week I went to Port Douglas for the weekend with one of my Cairns bestie’s (Gina, she is one of the 3 mentioned above:) … we went on a boat called Poseidon. Poseidon came highly recommended as one of the best dive boats you can do in the region.

We drove to Port Douglas high on life because we knew the conditions at sea were truly rare that day. Locals were telling me; ”These kind of days happen once a year” – it was flat as a pancake. I dubbed it ”Lake GBR”.

Flat water and zero wind meant the visibility was amazing – we could see 40m – 50m (for comparison, I went diving off Cairns today in the wind and could only see 10m) … I am going to do a seperate post about this day as it was something else but for now again I’ll just say; I’m obsessed with diving. It has changed my life.


I shared a post (here) and on socials last week about suicide prevention and while I don’t want to dwell on it again – I wish to say; if you are struggling PLEASE find help in any way you feel comfortable.

Don’t spend time online reading stuff and finding out about sad things other people have done, it will only drag you down. Seek help (in real life) and try to do things to lift you.

As much as I am all for being open and talking about absolutely everything; I also feel sometimes we know too much. Suicide is such a sensitive, difficult and deeply sad subject – I’m not sure it’s always a good idea to self educate on it.

… Like, I don’t ever watch the news, because there are some things I would really rather not know. Seek help from someone (anyone you feel ok talking with) and hopefully you can move forward into the light.

Lara Lain larasstory blog Poseidon

Lil Lainy; single, avails and her number is 0427 …

Will I be single forever?

I tell my Nan (pretty much!) everything when we catch up and always update her on my love-life/ men-life/ single-life if you will.

… She said last week ”Maybe you’re looking for someone who doesn’t exist” because I told her there’s ‘always something missing’ with people I get involved with. For example; they are fun at the time but in reality we are chalk and cheese. Or there’s a crazy connection but it is fleeting and I can’t keep hold of it. Or they are way too serious for me – the list goes on!

The thing is, I’m not ‘looking’. I don’t think I have ever ‘looked’ for someone long term and maybe that’s where I ~fall down~. But in my eyes, that’s where I succeed. I have so many experiences over the years with men to look back on and I wouldn’t change anything.

I’ve had times when I thought I met someone special (cough cough, Tom who I met at Christmas in Bali) but before Tom who was it that bowled me over?. Hmmm, oh yeah the athlete who dumped me by text on my birthday last year, then never spoke to me again. …

So many stories that end the same – going downhill fast then that being it. Done. Finito … maybe that’s just how things are meant to be for me for the foreseeable – tied to no one. FREE as ever.

A BIG part of me is so used to being single; it would take something major to shake that up. I want to travel and achieve so much over the next few years, I don’t know how a guy would fit into that.

Is a man going to say ‘OK Lar, wherever you wanna go, I’ll come with you – I’ll give up my life here/ my career for this adventure – let’s go!’ … well yeah; that could well be the dream, and it certainly does happen for some people! But I kinda feel like I would never expect anyone to do that for me.

… Sounds good though. If he was fun, we would have a ball right!

I’m so used to living off my own steam and doing it exactly what I want, when I want, I don’t know if I’m the kinda girl men see as wanting to be with to be honest.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard these words ”You’re crazy”, ”I can’t keep up with you”, ”Where do you get all your energy from” I could retire. Words like this I have heard all my adult life from men. As I get older and have the same zest for life I see people around me wanting to take things easy (which I completely appreciate) whereas I know I am only just getting started in so many ways in life.

I always am open to meeting someone and that’s a big part of why being single is so fun for me. Every person I meet is a new opportunity. I could literally meet the love my life tomorrow (hopefully diving ha).

But hey, don’t hold your breathe people. Many of my friends have been married for years and some have three children by now – we are all made of different gravy. Maybe I am literally just meant to be single and have fun for however much longer it may be? Maybe I’m not meant to ever have kids?

One thing I will say, that I have never publicly touched on before is; my dad left me behind when I was little and as far as I know he is alive in the UK somewhere. In London or Scotland I believe.

All my adult life I have sworn I would never settle for someone unless I knew that was it. I would never want to bring a family into the world unless I knew that man by my side was an absolutely rock solid, salt of the earth, human that would never leave his family behind. The older I get (I’m 34 now!) the more I stand by this.

And right now, as always, the people I meet are fun for now / or they are too far down the track wanting to settle down and live a quiet life. Neither of these type of people fit my frame of mind, ambitions or life plans for anything long haul. And I don’t fit theirs.

If you know a guy who is; well traveled, fun, ambitious, focused on his career, loves his life and is truly passionate about living then send him my way.

He would have to be a legend hey. They exist, I meet them all the time (they’re usually my best mates but there’s never anything between us, therefore, they are legends – they are just not ”mine”!).

Mine is busy learning how to make the perfect cuppa tea before I meet him I reckon. Haha. He has to surf, dive, Bungy, Sky Dive and ride a horse too. Obvs.

Lara Lain larasstory Ellinjaa Falls Atherton Tablelands

Yesterday; Ellinjaa Falls all to myself!

Wow, this post went on some! On a closing note I just want to say Cairns is EPIC recently. The weather is unreal, it is sooo beautiful. I now fully understand what everyone said when I first got here ”Just you wait until the weather kicks in” and ”Have you been on the Reef yet?” … I get it now and wowsers I am loving it.

Still waiting on my Permanent Residency visa stuff to be sorted and go through and I’m ok with that wait – I have so much do to here! So much to tick off. Yee haa!!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Well done if you made it this far lol. Please; if you take anything from me and the things I share online let it be; be yourself, always yourself no matter what and LIVE YOUR DREAMS whatever they may look like. Only you know what you want out of your life and only you can make it happen.

Go get it!




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  1. Rod
    September 16, 2019 / 3:51 am

    Well travelled… not really. Fun… I’d say so. Ambitious/Career focussed… not really as I am retired. Loves life and passionate… hell yeah! And I make the BEST tea. Apply here lol. Great words Lara, look forward to seeing you at a certain event next year. Rod

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