Suicide Prevention – if your life gets dark please ask for help



OK, Serious Lara Lain for a second …

One of my friends posted yesterday saying how he nearly took his own life a few weeks back.
I haven’t seen him for a long time but I kinda banked on that we would reunite one day – you always see the big reunion ahead and never would I imagine he would say what nearly happened … (thank all the stars it did not happen) – it really shook me to read what he said.
His post once again confirmed; you NEVER know what is going on behind the scenes in someones life.

Most adults will go through dark times at some point – I know I have and it’s VERY scary when you have no idea how to ‘make yourself feel better’, especially when you are ‘used to being happy all the time’ …
Depression/ anxiety and all that darkness can be crippling but if you give yourself a moment to ask for help you can hopefully start to find a way out …

I’m not ashamed to admit I went through some of my darkest days when I moved to Cairns.
WHY? HOW? WHAT????! … I had my WHOLE LIFE going for me – how could I not love living in paradise right?
A whole new start, awesome job to get stuck into, so many new people to meet and amazing experiences before me
… But my mind wouldn’t snap out of it and it took me months to pull myself through.
I can thank my boss for being a true legend, my family and my close mates (the ones I told I was struggling) for checking in on me and just being there.
I took this pic on 13 January and look at me looking all healthy on a sunrise run – I was in the depths at this point. I remember crying on the walk home from this moment.
This post isn’t meant to be about me though, I am in a healthy and very grateful frame of mind in recent months – I feel ‘myself’ and long may this continue … please note; I am only nodding to my own experiences to be real, because s**t really does happen when you least expect it. It can happen to anyone and everyone.

And that’s why we need to be here for each other.

Look out for warning signs and be there for those around you 💛

Check out the numbers below and PLEASE always reach out if you need someone to talk to. I may not even know you but rest assured if you ever need a friendly ear/ face to talk to you can contact me 24/7, 365. I almost always have my phone on me – and am open to talking about anything. I LOVE people and just want to see everyone thrive in life.

Always ask your friends and family how they are and take a minute to actually listen and give people a hug if they need it.

Life is and can be amazing – just sometimes it is really hard!

Thanks for reading and hope you are well as you read this, @LaraLain x

… Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 💛

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800
Emergency: 000
Confidential Helpline: 1800 737 732
Mensline: 1300 78 99 78
Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277


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