Leaving your job? Do this on your way out …


When you leave a job what do you take with you? … For my Permanent Residency visa application I need to submit my 10 year working history.

This is a MAMMOTH task, especially considering all the traveling and multiple contracts I have been fortunate to experience. 10 years is 29% of my entire life to date, so that in itself says ‘a lot of information required!’ 🤪

Working on my visa submission has jogged so many memories of great times gone by in my career – can you look back on 10 years and know where you’ve been?

Who you reported into? Who reported into you? When your first and last pay dates were? Your full JD for each role? …

It’s interesting digging into my memory bank to bring all of this much-needed information to light.

Tip for when you move around a lot ➡️ apart from the standard of saving your best work and taking your priceless contacts list with you; It’s worth emailing yourself a breakdown of the work you have done (with who, what you achieved for what brands and with which agencies etc) … so you have a paper-trail for yourself justincase … you never know when you might need to look back (quite closely!) on times gone by 🙌

Thanks for reading – hope this helps you!


Pic taken last week, on the Great Barrier Reef, after an amazing three dives with Tusa Dive. Blog post to follow soon about this epic day 🧜‍♀️


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