Breaking records at AJ Hackett Cairns & introducing my new marketing project


Working on a report in work today something great came to light; last month saw AJ Hackett Cairns smash a record that had not been broken in 3 years.

This is a major achievement and something I am really proud to share with you.

When I joined the team I was fortunate to be entrusted with an open playing field to crack on with … this meant I could freely work on bringing my marketing vision to life for one of the World’s best-loved adventure tourism brands.

I have listed some of the touch-points I have worked on so far below – this is by no means all that has been actioned but gives an insight into areas of focus.

My ultimate goal is to try to drive as many people through the door as possible using;

Digital marketing

  1. Social media content creation
  2. Social media advertising campaigns
  3. Google Adwords
  4. YouTube
  5. Working with Influencers / brand collaborations

Above-the-line marketing (aka Offline) 

  1. Billboards
  2. Radio

One of the biggest parts of building the brand out has been the content-piece – this is something that really excites me – I LOVE working on content!!

If you are a dab-hand with creative marketing you are half way there. Bungy Jumping sells itself but to consistently capture the story behind AJ’s in a way that makes others think ”I need to do that!” is an ongoing challenge.

We have so much ace footage to play with – one of the hardest tasks is prioritising what will resonate with people on a daily basis.

We are super lucky to have a Crew that get stuck in to bringing that Bungy dream to life. If you follow @ajhackettcairns on Instagram you will no-doubt be a fan of ”Bad Joke Boris” (he’s a Bungy legend and one of the funniest people I have ever met!)

Compared to previous years Cairns (and the wider region of Tropical Far North Queensland) has been quiet so far into 2019 … the fact we are seeing positive trends is a testament to the brand’s growth phase against the odds.

Go team AJ Hackett Cairns! Here’s to driving more success as the year pans out!!

Tonight I recorded my first marketing Vlog / Podcast with my friend Hannah from Ettention Marketing. She is currently in the UK so we filmed our conversation with a simple screen-share and talked about how we would build a business from the ground up. It was so much fun!!

We are going to keep these raw (not edited) and just let our conversations flow naturally – if you want marketing tips from two go-getter’s who know their stuff we are here!

I know we have so much marketing/ business goodness to share. We look forward to helping people and having a merry ol’ time as we do so! Essentially; we’re a pair of high-energy marketing geeks on a mission 😉

If you have a skill / yearning within that enables you to help others, go find a way to get it out into the world!

There’s no time like the present – bring your thoughts to life!!

Thank you for reading




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