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When I say ”Shoot days are the best days” I mean it – today was no exception! 22 buzzing people of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds (from the USA, to Europe to Sydney) joined us at AJ Hackett Cairns to film marketing material. It was a great mix of fear-filled faces on the deck.

I can’t get enough of those frantic-fear vibes and love seeing how people react, both physically and mentally, on the Bungy ledge!

The sun shone all day (Hurrah! About time after Cairns raining pretty-much every day since I arrived 6 months ago!! #nojoke). We shot some epic footage – excited to share it with you once PhlipVids has the edit down pat!

Life can get pretty rough back there

Speaking with a friend recently; I realised (once more) how much rubbish many of us harbour in our daily living. Of course; if we share stuff online we don’t bare-all because; it’s unprofessional / would cause worry / looks like attention seeking / #dontdoitkids

We see our friends/ family online and assume they are ‘fine’. We even go so far as to think our loved ones are KILLING IT!

Hmmm. Not so much. It’s often not until we pick up the phone and have a chat that we see the curtains quickly unravelling behind the scenes.

Whatever is going on in your life (there may be nothing right now – if you are reading this and are happy I am stoked for you – keep making the most of every day!!) … Know that yep it may be the ‘worst’ but you are more than likely being a solider about it all!

If you have days when you feel;

  • Stressed out of your mind
  • Full of anxiety
  • Don’t want to get up in the morning
  • Unmotivated
  • Hate your job
  • Not loved
  • Lonely
  • Out of shape
  • … the list goes on

Know that you just have to keep doing your days one-by-one. Break your issue(s) down into little crumbs.

Don’t plan far in advance, don’t put pressure on the ‘future’ you imagined/ hoped for – just live for your days. Not anyone else’s. Yours.

Work on your X, Y, Z

I legit get up in the mornings and think; ”Today I am going to nail X,Y, Z”. This currently generally encompasses;

Work, gym, writing

Work, horses, gym

Work, gym, more work

or Work, gym, call my friends and family

As you can see work is my only constant. Gym is there too but that doesn’t happen every day. There is nothing too exciting going on here – this is daily living right now. It is what it is.

I am in the midst of a ‘keep on trucking’ time of life. Working, saving money, paying for my visa, writing to keep my creativity alive and gathering daily inspiration for my next adventure.

BALI is calling. And SYDNEY! So is Americaaa, but likely not this year. 

The other side of fear

After today’s awesome shoot I called my Visa Agent on the way home and nearly came off the call in tears. The main stress being; the sheer amount of paperwork needed to round up from the last 10 years of my life is truly overwhelming.

Tip for you; keep all of your important stuff somewhere! References, job offers, pay slips, rent records, resumes etc etc … it really might come in handy some day!

To get this sorted without losing my actual head (!!) I am breaking it all down into sections, as I do with my days. Little steps, little actions, lil’ crumbs = big picture gets sorted sooner #keepitsimple

There is no denying visa-stress. As much as I am trying to keep positive and not moan I am really struggling to keep a lid on myself at the moment. Of course, I am grateful to be in this situation at all but still, the fact I am grateful doesn’t make it any easier on my brain.

However, as I see on the Bungy deck; once you get through the other side of worry / stress/ fear it is so worth all the hardship you went through internally. Everything means more when you had to fight for it.

Whether you are fighting for yourself after a failed relationship, for yourself in a difficult job situation, for yourself after being let down by another, for yourself against the stresses of daily life – know that when you come through the other side (eventually!) it will be rosy. You’ll look back on the tough times one day and be all ”Yeahhhhh, I got through that! YES I DID!!”

It sounds beyond cheesy but please believe me when I say; the Universe is watching you. Don’t tell me the World doesn’t see you going through hard times – it does 110%.

Good things happen to good people … Sometimes you just have to go through your idea of hell to come out on top; it’s the rollercoaster we know as LIFE. Handle what you can with grace and grit.

Thank you for reading!




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