”No one can ever take your education away from you” Why I owe so much to Shakespeare (and my Mum)

Lara Lain Larassory Master Degree

One of the (bazillion) requirements when applying for my PR is to provide evidence of my education. For me this means submitting my University degree transcripts; a BA and a Masters in English Literature.

Today I received the transcripts through by email and reading them released lots of memories for me. My days at Cardiff University were pivotal for where my career (and life!) would lead me.


Loved having lectures here – the feeling of grandeur never wore off 💫

To be fair, that’s what Uni is all about right 😅 … working out what you wanna do, where you wanna go (and having a whole lotta fun along the way – cider & black pints and losing shoes on a night out anyone? 😉).

As I look back now; I know there’s no way I would have worked all the epic jobs I have, if I had not had my Masters seeing me through interviews on the front-foot from the get-go.

I wanted to share this today to say; if you are learning right now or if you get the chance to pick up studying again GO FOR IT, do your best and go as far as you can.

My Mum always used to say ”No one can ever take your education away from you Lar, once you’ve got it, it’s yours forever”. Once again, true words to live by from Mum … Put the work and dedication in and those results will stay with you for always.

Regardless of what happens to your personal, love and financial life as you weave your way through the years – your education ain’t going nowhere!

Only you know how hard you graft to get your degree(s). Your education is something you can be proud of for your whole, entire existence on this planet. When you’re gone you will always inspire your younger family after you. If you can achieve great things academically, they can too right?!

Of course, in today’s world many people are avoiding Uni/ further education in favour of;

  • Saving money on fees
  • Extended travel & working abroad
  • Going directly into work from school
  • Learning through passion on a job
  • Self-learning
  • Focusing on becoming Influencers / digital nomads etc.

Each to their own path, for sure, but if you have ever considered Uni it is certainly a choice that can only pay dividends in the end. Uni comes at a price but you can arrange ways to pay that off once you get qualified – there’s always a way to make things work!

If you find your niche and push your degree to the next level with a Masters, you will scale new heights of learning and put yourself ahead of 9/10 applicants when job searching.

You could, of course, go even further to become a Doctor of your chosen field. The scope for your learning really is limitless.

If you are at any kind of crossroads in your life, or simply looking to broaden your horizons and skillset you can always rely on education to open more doors.

You don’t necessarily need to go to Uni – you could take up evening classes or sign up to (literally millions of) courses online.

In terms of digital marketing you can easily get stuck into hundreds of FREE courses on Facebook, Google and Hubspot.

Once we stop learning, we stop living! And nobody wants that – not today! Not ever kids! 😄

I believe all of my essays listed are stored in the attic of my childhood home back in Wales – hopefully one day I will get to read them again. Shock myself into the mindset of the literary fiend I was at 21!! 🤩

Thanks for the memories Cardiff Uni, especially to the legendary, extraordinary Professor Martin Coyle. Thanks to the friends I met, oh what a time we had!

And of course thank you, to all the greats listed in my transcripts – especially the one and only Shakespeare. I spent years studying Shakespeare and genuinely don’t know who I would be without him.

Thank you for reading – good luck if you are studying or plan to take up something new! If in doubt pick what you enjoy most – this method for choosing courses never let me down … If you are passionate about your life you are half way there. 


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