More than just a horse & 5 life lessons from the week gone by


A lot of ~good stuff~ happened this week. I arrived back from the Gold Coast feeling jaded; snap back to reality after some of the best times of my life in Bali (and more memories made in the Goldie). Little did I know the week that lay ahead.

From the Nickelodeon Influencer shoot, to one of my most memorable Bungy Jumps on record – to today, when I rode Nemo for the first time. I have definitely been fortunate to go through some special experiences these last 7 days.

The Influencer shoot reminded me to keep going for my dreams, despite whatever anyone else may say, think or do around me. Seeing those young guys in the midst of what they were living was a lightbulb moment to keep on my own path, to keep chasing my goals and to not give up until I got where I needed to be. I felt high on energy and super-charged with determination after that day.

The Jump day reminded me that people are amazing (!!) and sometimes you can be lucky enough to be in a ”right time” moment. Seeing Jo push through what she did made for an other-worldly connection for a few minutes. Spending time with Jo reminded me to take care of other people. I had no idea how afraid she was until we spoke up on the deck and then my care-factor kicked into overdrive. Always put other people first.

Paid for my Visa agent and we all know what this means; my obsession with securing my Permanent Residency is no longer just ”what I am working towards”. It is happening. Who would have thought handing over $5,800 could give a person so my joy? Be relentless in chasing what matters to you. Find a way!

Today, 10 weeks after meeting him, I rode Nemo for the first time. The day I met him I knew I wanted to get on his back but realistically wasn’t sure if/ when that might happen … he was young, boisterous and had not been ridden for two years.

Skip forward to today and thanks to his trainer (from 2 years ago) being in Cairns to put work into him these last 10 days, I was lucky enough to jump on too.

It’s hard to convey the feeling but believe me when I say it was amazing. Firstly, check us riding in a halter (no bridle, no bit – essentially ”no control” if you consider it that way)

He is trained naturally, so that you only need to use your body weight to direct, start and stop him. Of course, if he wants to bolt he can do! A bridle wouldn’t stop that happening anyways – look at the size of him!

Despite being the huge beast he is, he didn’t feel scary at all – he just felt awesome. To me; horses are one of the best animals on the planet. There is something so special about the fact that they let us ride them, they fully let us get on their back and form an immediate connection.

Aside from the feeling of pure joy within me, I have to note the fact that I was obsessed with Black Beauty when I was little and riding Nemo pretty much brings my childhood dreams to life. Any time we can spend with animals we love is time well spent. Thank you Nemo!


Thank you for reading this blog (and the others from earlier in the week if you did too!). I have written more this week than I have since I can remember.

I am running super-high on my emotions at the moment and have a lot of my mind (don’t we all right?!).

Writing so much has helped me sleep well and wake up feeling like I have achieved something before I even get out of bed every day this week – because I have legit been posting so late at night, then passing out.

Whatever your week ahead looks like right now, remember you never know what’s coming! Hopefully you will be lucky and have a blinder. If not, chin up, keep going day-by-day.

Whether you show it on the outside or not; self-belief will take you everywhere. Don’t let any person or circumstance hold you back.




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