Being influenced by influencers – behind the scenes with Alex Hayes, Harvey Petito & Morgan Hipworth


Today I enjoyed my fave kinda day in work; spending most of it up-deck on a shoot. Three young Aussie influencers were on a Cairns thrill-seeking mission and filmmakers PhlipVids were capturing their every move!

The shoot took place for a Nickelodeon project. Alex Hayes, Harvey Petito and Morgan Hipworth (Left-Right above) joined us from Sydney and Melbourne, each bringing their unique energy to the top of Australia’s only Bungy tower.

Alex is an adrenaline junkie, so was calm and keen for whatever he could cram in to the time we had available. Harvey was excitedly nervous (but always composed on camera!) and Morgan was game-on to conquer his fears!

The guys have over 1 Million followers between them and Nickelodeon will reach mass audience figures … so everything that we filmed was extra important in portraying the buzzing vibe of the day.

Here’s a lil’ clip I took of Alex sending it off the roof;

And here’s one of Alex’s videos from his epic YouTube channel – his work really is beautiful! Please watch this if you have a moment – prepare to feel moved, inspired and emotional.

If I was influenced by anything today it is the fact that energy and positive feeling counts for so much. It was great to be a part of the filming and seeing how everyone works together to ~get the shot~.

You can really tell when professionals are on a shoot – everyone works so quickly, in union and see’s the clear vision of unreal content coming to life before it’s even been captured.

I can’t wait to see the footage that comes out of today!!

Thanks to everyone involved for a great day at AJ Hackett Cairns. Thank you for reading – hope you feel inspired by Alex’s video!

Be good energy and positive feeling – you will add so much to those around you.



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