Remember who you are – 10 life lessons after (nearly) 6 months in Cairns


Following yesterday’s visa money-shocker post; today I paid the $5,500 agent fee. It actually came out just under $5,600 … here we go with the ‘little extra’ hundred’s adding up already!🤦‍♀️

When I spoke to my agent, after the fourth time of trying to get her on the phone today, she said ”No one has ever wanted to pay me as much as you do”, ”Take my money – just do it!” was my reply. 7th July is looming fast – let’s go, go, go!!!

Today I re-signed my apartment and realised, that WOW (!!) 6 months has pretty much passed in Cairns.

When I got first got here on 3rd January 2019 I was full of hope and optimism – I didn’t miss Sydney during those very early days. However, once the rose-tinted feeling of a new place wore off and reality set in; I started my miss ‘previous’ life very much indeed.

This has meant I have had to do an absurd amount of extensive soul-searching and digging deep to find my happy place in both myself and current life.

Here’s a few key learnings I have picked up since Day 1 in Cairns.

  1. Break things up into little chunks. Whatever your goal; work, health or personal-life related – look at what you want and crunch it down into micro-actions to make it easier to attain.
  2. Having something (anything!) to work towards will add positive purpose to your days. Fitness, or a creative hobby, can easily be your your golden ticket to feeling happier inside and out.
  3. Speak to your friends if the going gets tough – 9 times out of 10 at least one of them will be feeling similar feels to you. Talking heals hearts.
  4. Make time for FUN. All work and no play makes for a s**t existence let me tell you. It’s all well and good saving money blah, blah, blah but honestly, if you don’t have things in your diary to look forward to it’s going to f**k you up royally. You need to LIVE. When I first got here I was so obsessed with saving that I fully cut my nose off to spite my face (without realising what I was doing to myself!) and it was ugly!! I focused on my bank balance and completely did myself over. I have never been money obsessed and have always favoured life over cash. That was one time I tried to reverse engineer myself and put money first (because I wanted to save for a trip with my #7 ‘love’). Never again.
  5. Holidays / Mini-breaks / Travels are the best thing ever – when was the last time you packed a bag and hot footed it outta wherever you call home?! If you haven’t been anywhere in the last 6 months you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice – it doesn’t need to be expensive or even far away. You can treat yourself to a local ‘staycation’ or go camping on the cheap. Whatever you do, do something. Because one day you’ll be dead. And dead people can’t book adventures. FACT.
  6. Be yourself no matter what. I have been in a few tricky situations since I moved to Cairns. I have laid my heart on the table, said things I regretted and felt s**t because I didn’t stand up for myself with confrontational people. At the time none of the above was easy dealings and each rubbish situation wore me down internally. Looking back now, in all cases time has healed and guess what; none of it matters because I was true to myself. That’s the best thing we can ever be. Ourselves. STRONG FACT.
  7. Get good at rejection. I arrived in Cairns thinking I was in love. Legit. For the first time in 8 years. Whhaaaat?! What planet was I on?! Looking back now I know meeting someone when you’re in the middle of huge life upheaval is just ridiculous – to think I thought it would work out is pure crazyyy when I look back. But again, I was myself and here we are #itdoesntmatter. I was rejected then and took it like a wounded animal. I have been rejected since and while it stings, it doesn’t hurt. Every closed door means another one opens – this applies to all areas of life, including men.
  8. Keep learning. Read LinkedIn, read blogs, read books, listen to Podcasts, sign up to newsletters, watch interviews on YouTube. Broaden your mind with knowledge every day. If you are not inspired by anything in particular you can Google random things like ‘Facts about science’ or anything random that springs to mind – anything to broaden your brain is good!
  9. Have something you LOVE to keep you happy (and sane!). My inner compass told me ”I’m going to write” this week. And here I am on my third post in a row. Listen to what your body, mind and soul loves.
  10. LAUGH. If you can find a childish angle in a serious predicament, do it! Laughing lightens the load. Life is too short to spend it on worrying circumstances and negative people.

There are so many other lessons I have learnt since arriving to Cairns, resilience is something I know the meaning of more than ever. I’ll leave you with two of my fave rules of life; KEEP FIT. HAVE FUN. Oh, and a third – if in doubt; KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Thank you for reading!



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