You know you really want something when the price tag is irrelevant 🇦🇺 Australian visa applications ain’t cheap!


As I sit writing in sleepy Cairns, my mind drifts between my future in Australia and adventures in Bali …

If you read yesterday’s Bali blog you’ll know I want to return there ASAP but today here’s a lil’ reality-check Aussie post 👀

Today I finally WHOOP WHOOP received the ‘Cost agreement’ email through from my Visa Agent.

It was about $1,500 higher than I expected. To be completely honest about this whole thing; applying for my PR is going to set me back just shy of $10,000 all in.

My agents fees alone are $5,500+ then I pay for;

  1. Visa itself ($4,000) – mine is a ‘Subclass 190’, I put myself forward then the State (Queensland) has to invite me to take one of the 190 spots all being well!
  2. Skills Assessment
  3. Nomination
  4. Expression of Interest
  5. Police Checks (from UK and Aus)
  6. Aussie Drivers licence, as a form of ID
  7. If I get randomly called on to do a health-check that could add another $1k or so to the whole cost already noted above – hopefully I won’t get pulled in for one!

Please note; I am sharing this because it’s reality. If you are thinking about going for an Aussie visa (or any visa for any country for that matter!) please always do your homework.

For my police check I had to submit where I had lived in the last 10 YEARS (!!), one year I moved 4 times in Sydney … imagine all the emails and backtracking I have to do to work out where I have lived all this time. The mind boggles!

Visa paperwork is insane. You need to be fully ready to get stuck in and have all your history available. If you can’t supply what is needed I have no idea what you would do – I feel you simply MUST submit absolutely everything you are asked for.

Luckily I have been waiting for this day, so I was mentally and financially good to crack on but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a decent wedge of money.

If I applied on my own; the total would be around $4,500 but I just want every little thing done 110% correctly first time around. My agent has been with me since before I left Sydney, so knows my history, which I feel counts for a lot – the trust is there now. Let’s get it done together!. To even consider going solo for the sake of $5,500+ at this stage would be ludicrous for me.

However, I completely understand that I am lucky to be able to afford an agent and it’s not simply a case of wanting one vs. not wanting one to many – money can change everything!

When I totted up the final costs today, for a second I thought about how expensive it all is. Was I crazy? Did I really want to stay in Australia that bad?!

Of course I do! That was a fleeting mind-trick question with no substance whatsoever – every dollar this costs me I will have earned in heartache, passion, fire and (tears) over the last 5+ years.

While I don’t want to bore you with the details of my PR Journey I feel like I’ve opened the net on it now, so I’m taking you with me – the day it comes through you can have a little dance for me too please, wherever you may be in the world. 🎉

I have received a few messages asking questions about my application etc – PLEASE get in touch if I can help you at all. I am more than happy to share where I am lodging all my needed documents etc. Of course I can directly refer you to my visa agent too.

Tomorrow I make the payment – then the ball really starts rolling FAST. 7th July is my offical lodging date. Don’t wanna wish my life away but I’m counting those dayyyyys!

Thank you for reading! Money comes and goes – your freedom is priceless 🐨



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