Day 1: My Australia Permanent Residency journey starts now! 🇦🇺


Saturday marked my first Skydive in Australia. As you can see, I was absolutely loving life! Before the dive I was calm n’ ready. On the way up in the teeny-tiny, toy-size plane I felt like I was seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

The 200km/hr free-fall from 14,000ft was like a movie scene, complete with a full-circle rainbow in the clouds. When the parachute went up I could just about hold back my tears. I was so overcome with emotion and just felt an undeniable sense of WOW. THIS IS THE BEST. THE BEST. BEST! BEST!!

If you ever want to feel a true appreciation for your world I cannot recommend Skydiving enough. It does not feel real, it’s that good.

Anything that feels so good you wonder if it actually happened or not (like love, think about true love..) is worth doing in my books!

Thank you Tandem Cairns team – you rock! 🐼

Today, Weds 15th May 2019, marks the day that my final step into my Permanent Residency (PR) journey has begun.

Arguably I have been on this PR journey since May 2014, but five years ago it was just one big adventure with an end goal. Now that end goal is in sight it feels like the journey has really started.

To apply for my Skilled Nominated 190 PR I needed to work 6 months in Queensland – that date is coming up pretty quick now. Hello 7th July. I see you! 👀

So bearing this date in mind, I knew the time was nigh to start gathering my paperwork.

Today I met with my visa agent and jeeeeez  – the amount of paperwork you need to submit crazy! All completely valid requirements of course; of course you need to provide evidence of your work history, your skills, your current job, your living situation etc. The ‘Straya Government is not just going to hand over a visa without you having ticked absolutely every box!

I have written this post to nod to today, because the fear when I saw what I have to submit fully got me feeling like ”Oh! This is about to get really real!!”.

I want to look back on today and think – remember the fear you had that day? Look at you now; you did it! 🙏

I could apply for my visa myself and although using a visa agent is going to cost me double than if I went for it solo, I feel that money is almost irrelevant at this point. Money I can grow; time I cannot.

What if I submit myself and it comes back wrong/ gets delayed/ disapproved because of personal error?!. No thank you.

Realistically with the agent cost, the Skill Assessment fee, paying for the actual visa itself and all the little things like getting my Aussie drivers licence, a police check from both the UK and AUS etc will add up to roughly $8,000. This is no small sum but I know full well it will be the some of the best money I will ever spend in my entire lifetime.

I will be providing evidence of my work dating back to my LOOK Magazine years (2009!) and will submit references from all of my previous Managers to go with it. This is a stark reminder to always move on from your jobs on good terms. You never know when you make want to open lines of communication again. You never know when you may need help! 

I reached out to all of my previous Managers this evening and am so grateful to have heard back from some already – the wheels are in motion! Fingers crossed my application goes smoothly; rest assured I will be doing absolutely everything in my power to make it as seamless as possible. Less stress, more action and a sprinkle of good luck needed!

PR can take anything from a few months to a YEAR to come through – let’s see how this chapter plays out – at least we are off the blocks!

Thank you for reading – I head to BALI in less than 24hrs! Can’t wait, one of my absolute fave places in the world. I still haven’t booked where I am staying tomorrow yet. Lol. I love having no plans. Bring it on!

Bali is always a good idea!




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