Business advice by Lara Lain – 8 tips to shape a more successful you


Celebrating one of the best events I have ever worked on, LOOK Magazine’s 5th birthday party at 1 Marylebone, London. 7 years ago, March 2012.

Recently I am leaning more and more into myself in terms of work, I have a vision and my inner-voice is very vocal about things when it comes to my career! So rather than ignore said-self I take it as a sign to start sharing more business-related content.

So here’s a fresh take on life-tips by LL 😉

Let’s dive in!

I have worked in the world’s biggest publishing houses in London, for the globe’s leading Forex Trading company in Sydney and I am currently with the planet’s ultimate adventure team in Cairns.

Throughout my colourful career I have picked up many learnings and know that I can add a lot of value to anyone who is interested in listening when it comes to business …

My experience is widespread across various sectors including; Media & PR, Travel & Tourism, Finance, Health, Fashion & Beauty and beyond.

I have seen the in’s and out’s of various departments and my global travels has given me priceless experience working in testing situations, with people from all walks of life.

My strongest suites are (but not limited to!!); marketing, content strategy, all things digital, growth and the ultimate ace card; PEOPLE.

Below I share (some) learnings from both the last year and to way-back-when I was interning in the fashion cupboard at The Daily Express in 2009.

1. Find a way. If you cannot find a solution. LOOK HARDER. Needs must! Where there is a will; there is a way. There is always a way. 

2. Delegate to someone that can. You may not always be able to solve a problem with your own mind/ bare hands but don’t complicate things. Do what the business requires; find a solution ASAP using people who can! Get it sorted.

3. Never stop learning. From technical growth – to how you hold yourself during a meeting full of powerful peers … learn as much as you can from every person and every situation. Apply your eagerness to improve both in the workplace and during your social team-outings. Be a sponge.

4. Speak up and out. At the first sight of trouble (bullying, unease, tension in the office) reach out to someone higher than you to help solve the matter in hand. If you happen to be the person in authority and can see problems brewing do your best to get to the root of the problem ASAP.

I was bullied to the point of being signed off with mental health issues during my time in Sydney. When I look back now I wish I had someone who really listened (and opened their eyes) to what was going on, someone who could have positively used their authority to help me cope. Nip it in the bud.


Another one from the LOOK 5th party; one of the biggest, best highlights of my career to date. March 2012.

5. See things from the other side of the table. If someone is kicking up a fuss or results are taking a downturn; take a moment to look at the bigger picture. Is there something going on that you can help with? Manage your colleagues with care. Take a moment in their shoes.

6. Use your sick days. Remember that you are legally granted sick days each year for a reason. If you ”need a mental health day” or you are truly worn out; take it off. Get back on your feet and feel fresh sooner rather than pushing through and making things worse for yourself (and ultimately your business). Do not feel guilty for taking care of you.

7. Connect great people with great people. One of the things I enjoy most about marketing is the fact that I get the chance to move around meeting kick-ass people, who I really admire. Connecting individuals from different agencies, businesses and teams is one sure-fire way to nurture something great. Let the magic unfold!

8. Be a person you would love to work with. Work hard, play hard and treat everyone in your team with the same level of warmth and compassion. Look people in the eye when you speak to them. Ask them how they are and listen. Invite them on socials, even if you know they might not come – be inclusive and build your team around you. Be the energy in the room.

Plenty more of this business-led content to come. I will share more soon! Hope you enjoyed this one.

Thank you for reading – find what lights you up in work and do more of that!! 💡



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