Oh heyyy May! 10 lessons from 4 months in Cairns

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OK firstly. How is it MAY 1st 2019! Let’s not dwell on ‘‘How quick does time time go?!” but seriously HOW. QUICK.

OK, let’s do this. As I write this now. I live in the same apartment as I did when I got here in Jan. Same job. Lots of things are the same, same, same.

But also lots of things are a whole new worlddddd (Aladdin singing voice). Physically I have brown hair for starters.

Let’s jump into the 10 lessons;

  1. I am never ‘doing a long distance relationship again’. If me and Mr.Tom had lived out the plan we said we would, we would have just finished a holiday in Sri Lanka. That means at this point I would be clawing my way through life again, questioning if we were going to last and how I would survive the heart-ache until the ‘next reunion’. It would have killed me. It was hard enough first time round when life seemed to ‘make sense’ all of a sudden after our paradise Bali experience but realistically when you live on the other side of the world how is it ever going to be normal, easy or fun?
  2. It took me until my 3rd month to find my groove in Cairns. Looking back now do I feel like I wasted time during my struggle city phase? YES. Do I think I could have managed myself differently? NO. I honest to Robbie Williams (aka God) could not have done any more than I did during those tough days. I look back now and see my adjustment into Cairns as one of the hardest phases of my life. So glad it’s all behind me and weirdly kinda glad I went through it; because hopefully if anything like that effects me again I will have the ol’ ‘‘oh hey shit feeling, I know you and I know how to deal with you a little quicker this time…”. Ho-hum. It’s done.
  3. Work. My days in work are going faster every day recently. It’s because I now have enough experience on the brand to understand both the company needs and my own vision. I know exactly what I want to achieve with AJ Hackett Cairns marketing. I also know each step I need to take to make my vision come to life – now my path is set (by me) it has opened many doors (to myself). I note ”myself” here because I am very aware of what I feel I need to do in a role. I constantly want more from me! … When joining a new job you always think it takes ”about 3 months” to start to settle in. For me that was both on a personal and career level. Now the settle-in and understanding the role has happened, it’s time for phase two; scale, scale, scale.
  4. My thirst for learning and wanting to expand my marketing knowledge is ever-growing. I spend a lot of my own time side-hustling myself into a professionally better version of me. If I am having a conversation with you rest assured I am absorbing as much information as possible from you to build my skill set. #SpongeBobLara 
  5. Fitness. My attitude towards fitness remains the same; if I miss more than 2 days in the gym I feel gross. This week I haven’t been. Celebrating my 5 years since arriving into Australia and our #SunsetSounds party got the better of me – as ever; this is no biggie to me. It’s just how I roll! I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow before work. I am dedicated to the gym but I am also dedicated to enjoying down-days and good times – if I want to miss a few sessions I don’t regret it or beat myself up. I just think ”more to work on when I get stuck back in”. Missing sessions does not mean you are a rubbish person or you don’t care about yourself – keep these kind of things lighthearted with yourself. Tomorrow really is a new day.
  6. I love the fact that in Cairns you LIVE IN NATURE. Never have I ever lived in a place that made me feel so ‘close’ to the planet. Today I saved a bird from drowning in a water trough at the horses’ field. It made me feel sick at the time in-case it didn’t make it. It was me, the bird, the horse; all in the field wondering what was going on and would he make it. Little thing came out shocked and shaking. I turned away for a moment to look back and he was gone – he had made it! WOO HOO!!! Always be kind to animals – they are out there minding their own business and just being themselves. Please take care and be kind. Spread the love!
  7. You hear/ read things like ”Everyone is fighting their own battle” so often courtesy of social media – the older I get, the more I realise this is usually true. Sometimes if you are going through a sticky time with someone it’s best to say little/ nothing and just let it pass. As I keep reminding myself ”Stay in your own Lain, Lain”. With the least amount of cheese intended – you’re better off focusing on yourself; what good can you do today? To help people around you? To help yourself? To have a good day in general? Stop worrying about other people and just crack on with being a decent you.
  8. Setting yourself daily / weekly goals is really important for building your self-worth and making you proud of you. I had a great convo with someone I work with (and admire) yesterday and we were both saying how GOOD it is when you work on something you are truly proud of. It’s an awesome feeling to create and get that ‘YEAH. I DID THAT’ after glow. Do what you love kids!
  9. Let your data speak for itself. I am extremely proud of the first 4 months results I have achieved at AJ Hackett Cairns – some of which are up +69%. Some were +22%. Some were a whopping +339% !!! … The 22% I thought ”Is this really enough? Am I REALLY happy with this?” … then I reminded myself, if my pay-packet went up 22% in 4 months I would be more than stoked! It is crucial to evaluate what you have done. Take stock of your hard work and look forward to continuing to build on your successes. I have a habit (I need to work on dropping!) of being all ”Oh it’s only X%” when really, in truth – when I step away from myself and look at my facts from an outsiders point of view; I am super proud. I am also excited for what I can work on scaling next. I love GROWTH! Keeping a check on how you are doing is essential for knowing if you are working effectively. If your results are not trending positively; what can you do to fix this issue ASAP? There is always a way. Always!
  10. Always have something to look forward to. I always lived with this mindset growing up, through Uni in Cardiff, working in London and then all these years out of the UK it has stuck with me. Sometimes it is legit looking forward to the gym, going for a walk, having a lie in on a weekend or the more fun shit like BOOKING A TRIP TO BALI or THE GOLD COAST (both of which I have done today – WOO HOO!) … but seriously, it might be a pizza for dinner (also done today) or getting your hair done. Always have something to look forward to, no matter how small, as long as it makes you feel good that means it’s worthwhile! Little rays of YAY will always make you have a better day!

I’m sure there’s more to this list for my first 4 months in Cairns, oh yeah; Cairns is super-small so people will know stuff you did before you do. They will probably tell you what you did before you recall it too. Welcome to my world. Haha.

Ooo and sunsets are so pretty in ‘Winter’. The weather is beaut now the humidity has subsided.

I’ll leave this here for now! If you are looking for something on Netflix check out The Dirt. It is soooo good! If you wanted to be a rock star (didn’t we all – I personally would still love to headline Glasto’) then this THE film for you – enjoy!

Thanks for reading – have a great week!



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