Do more of what makes you “lose your mind”

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Nemo 🖤

Back in Feb I put the feelers out on a Cairns-local Facebook page to see if I could find anyone who needed help with their horses.

Luck shone on me – I met Deb, who has three. One of which (Nando) I have since agreed to lease from her ☺️

Through Deb I met another lady who also has three (including Nemo, the majestic black Friesian in the top pic).

Then, through a chance conversation at an event Deb and I went to; I met another lady who has five who are affectionately known as “The Mob”.

Lara Lain larasstory blog cairns horses

My little Nando – he has a nasty skin itch that I am doing my best to heal ASAP 🙏

So from zero; I went to 11 horses in my life!! ✨

I’ve spent most of this weekend riding / with the different groups of horses and it’s been amazing.

When I’m riding my whole being is focused on the synergy between the horse and I.

There is no social media checking. No worrying about work. No making a list of “things I want to achieve”. No thoughts about the past. No daydreams about lost love. No raking over old ground of all the “mistakes” I’ve made over the years. No missing my family and friends. No travel plans. No flights booked in my head. No pondering what I’ll eat this week. No wondering if/ when “Mr Right” will show up.

All of me is tuned 110% into the horse. Every part of my being.

I remember reading something a while back that said to “do more of what you get lost in”.

I can’t recall the exact text but the message was focused on advice about how if you “lose track of time” and feel “fully immersed” in something then you should do more of it.

Horses are most certainly this. Writing is another form of an almost peculiar escapism for me too (it just feels good to write!).

I was so lucky to grow up with horses and only stepped away from them (when my career took over) on moving to London age 21.

I didn’t used think about what I was doing with them, or about how they made me feel per-say back then.

Because they were such a huge part of my life, it just went without saying; horses were everything.

It was a daily, often twice daily visit to the horses. All my money went towards them. All my focus went on training to show jump and compete at shows around the UK.

Having horses back in my life recently has reminded me;

  1. How lucky I was to grow up with them (hopefully I have children one day who can grow up with horses too)
  2. How fortunate I was to compete at National level. I didn’t used to give myself any credit back then (as I always wanted to win more and be a better rider) but I won a lot. Looking back now I am so proud of what I achieved – my family weren’t “horsey” so I really did do well to get to the level I did on both ponies and horses
  3. How lucky I was to literally have so many competitions on my doorstep in the UK (everything is a tad more spread out here in Aus, as you can imagine!!)
  4. How lucky I was to ride so many over the years – being surrounded by them gives you confidence to “have a go” on anything

I have noted the points above to be thankful for the past. My friends and I were so lucky – we had so much fun, spending days upon days happily on horseback ❤️

Lara Lain larasstory blog cairns horses

Three of “The Mob” 🥰🥰🥰

Lara Lain larasstory blog cairns horses

The other two “The Mob” members 🥰🥰

… Coming back into contact with horses, especially after this full-on weekend, has made me so grateful for the past and those memories I will treasure forever.

This weekend has also made me really feel excited about how my Cairns-life will shape up now I have four legged friends to love.

I can’t thank the three lovely ladies enough. They have all let me into their lives with open arms and trusted me with their beloved horses.

I am going to put as much time as I can into riding and look forward to making horses a part of my “life routine” again.

Yesterday we moved Nando to a field which is literally at the end of my road. So I can see him (and his five friends, including Nemo) before and after work.

If me getting stuck back into horses is a life lesson it’s this;

Do more of whatever you find yourself getting lost in – it’s your calling … it feels so easy and natural because it’s what you’re meant to be doing.

Where do you get lost? Diving, hiking? Cooking? Surfing? Yoga’ing? Running? Painting? Singing? …

Thank you for reading ☺️

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