12 weeks in Cairns; recognising behaviour patterns and moving ahead day by day ➡️

Lara Lain larasstory Cairns horse riding

This weekend marks my 12th week in Cairns, I can hardly believe 3 whole months have passed already!

The last 10 days have been my best so far. After finding it hard to settle since I got here in Jan, I am currently looking ahead positively – it feels good to feel good after multiple struggles within myself.

I recently took heed from a speaker who advised to ”make short term goals” and to live ”day by day” rather then dreaming/ pre-planning events (that may never come to life) 3, 6, 12 months ahead etc.

He made me take stock of how I always project wayyy ahead. Perhaps living my new life up here ~on the daily~ would be easier than stressing balls about what may/ may not happen weeks out from now?!!

I have always focused on chasing my dreams and wouldn’t be who I am (or where I am!) if I hadn’t lived with that mindset. So, while I won’t look to especially change that; it sounded like good sense to focus on the near future for now. Ticking daily dreams off will benefit my long-term goals anyways … Little steps make the big leap! 🙌

I recently watched the Conor McGregor ‘Notorious’ doco on Netflix. Appreciate he is receiving loads of bad press at the moment in Ireland, but that aside for a second; as a pure athlete he is truly admirable. It is an absolute must-watch. He really fired me up! I am sure his mental attitude, work ethic and outlook on success will stir something in you – go check it out! 👀

We are currently eyeballing a busy period in work, with April being one of our hot points of the year. AJ Hackett is a great brand to be a part of; every time I step out of the office I see happy faces everywhere.

There is something magic about how people react when they Bungy – especially if it is their first time ever! It’s been aces to be able to roll out as many new marketing strategies as I possibly can – a plethora of positive marketing moves have been made since I joined in Jan. I sense big success coming our way as 2019 pans out (day by day, obvs;) 🤙

Seeing this video this week nearly made me cry at my desk. We were tagged in it through work – the guys had come for a jump day with us last year … please watch it if you haven’t already seen it! 👀

Watch it, then get planning your trip to Cairns or share it with anyone you know who is thinking about traveling Australia. If I had seen this before I moved here I would have visited before 5 years in Aus had passed that’s for sure!

Cairns Tourism industry needs support – this video is gold dust for the region. Personally seeing it was a ‘‘Wow! I can’t believe I actually live here!” moment.

I say this often; Training is a huge part of my life, if I miss more than 2 days I feel weird. Any longer period (a whole week for example – like I did recently!) means I am completely out of sync with myself.

It’s an old pattern that always means; I need to tame my social life back down in favour of getting into the gym or running outdoors. 🏃‍♀️

I keep reminding myself I am #trainingforlife. This pattern is something I am working on; training is so important!

Lara Lain larasstory Cairns training

I dyed my hair back to darker-brown for the first time in two/three years. Hardly news-worthy information but it is important as I feel more myself. Bleach-blonde really does not work for me as I get back to nature up here. It’s amazing how good new hair can make you feel. Anything that makes you more yourself; do it! 👌

Getting back into horse riding again has been nothing short of miraculous. Being with horses is where I feel at ease. Can’t believe I have gone without riding regularly all these years. I am so glad I met a local lady, Deb, who needed a bit of help with hers. Today we ended up taking the bay, Fernando, to a local creek. It was surreal! Horses in the jungle! What a sight! He’s so cute, he’s my little mate. 💙

I went and lay on the beach for the first time since being here today, just for a couple of hours after riding. You can see from the pic below it was pretty lovely! … The sun being out was a bonus after recent rainfall. As much of Australia starts to batten down the hatches for the cold snap, we will be revelling in perfect weather in Cairns – I can’t wait. Bring on more exploring, more riding, more training, more Bungy’s and a deep tan! 🌞

If I’ve learnt anything during my first three months in Cairns it is; work comes first, training is a must, spend as much time with horses as possible, get back to nature at any given moment and keep working on myself, demons ‘n’ all. I have battled various devils since Jan and am sure I will meet more to come but for now, things are feeling better. 👏

It’s taken me ages to write this, which I admit is kinda ~a nothing post~ but I wanted to note the fact that I had broken the back of my time starting out here.

I am fully aware that I live the ”best life ever” when I am good and can struggle in the depths when things go ”wrong” but again, that’s a pattern I recognise and am working on shaking up; day by day. Obvs.

Thank you for reading – enjoy the Cairns video and watch the Conor doco!


Lara Lain larasstory Cairns Yorkeys Knob beach


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