‘’Shedding a part of you to allow growth’’ plus exploring the Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation …

Lara Lain larasstory Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation Live more – Fear less. If you had to ‘’shed’’ a part of you to let another part of you ‘’grow’’ … What would you shed? What would you grow? And why? 


Today I explored Cape Tribulation and the World’s Oldest Rainforest; The Daintree for the first time ever. What.A.Day!!! 🙌


On picking up my fellow-explorer he told me we needed to ‘take the car across to Cape Trib on the ferry’to get to where we wanted to go. I was immediately sold on the day ahead and had a feeling it would be awesome. The last time I remember being on a random ferry crossing was on a bus; crossing a border in Vietnam with my mate Jen (way back in 2014!). 


These kind of mini-ferry crossings are always fun because they don’t feel natural. Driving onto an open-top boat and simply switching your engine off while you chug along feels odd. But yep; in 2014 it was fun and today it was fun! Today we were also crocodile hunting on route!


Alas, we didn’t see any crocs but I’m sure one will make itself known on another adventure soon enough! 🐊


The Cape Trib road is winged by scores of trees, various greens adorn the winding road like archways. The depth of the Daintree feels amazing as you drive through. I recommend doing said drive with 80’s or 90’s music blaring for the ultimately enjoyable experience! 🍃


We stopped for lunch at Mason’s Café. If you want to eat a croc before it eats you; this is the place to get it on ya plate! Behind Masons is an amazing secluded freshwater spot. If you are lucky, like we were, you will get it to yourselves. Just you and the fish; Oh what a feeling!

Lara Lain larasstory Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation

After your (crocodile?) lunch keep on driving the woodland road until you hit Emmagen Creek. In my humble opinion, this place should be renamed Emma-Gem because it sure is a gem of a place! 💚


Again, we were lucky enough to have it to ourselves at one point. I practiced ‘diving’ off a tree and then ~got my snorkel on~ for what I honestly feel was the first ‘proper’ time snorkelling in all my 33 years on this planet. 


I did try snorkelling in Bali on Christmas Day but decided I ‘couldn’t breathe’ so quickly stopped in favour of observing from the boat. Today was different, I gave myself a moment to actually have a go. 


The first time I tried; my breathing was heavy and loud, listening to myself under water was as if I was having a mini panic-attack. I suppose I was. It felt weird. 


However, there was nothing to panic about, I had my head dunked in pure bliss. Second time round I let myself think ‘just chill…’. Suddenly my breathing felt relatively normal and floating around with the fish became easy.Lara Lain larasstory Daintree Rainforest Cape Tribulation

Snorkelling in a secret freshwater spot was absolutely epic today. It has now officially set me up for the mega Cairns experience of exploring the Great Barrier Reef! I have nearly got out there a few times since arriving and have certainly talked about it enough. The time is nigh to make it happen. Can’t wait to go and snorkel with Nemo and his little friends! Watch this space for a Reef report ASAP! 🐠


On the way home I read this; ‘’Humans shed regularly throughout their life to enable growth’’ … 


Well! I am currently on shedding episode number 7284239349. Questions of growth, learning and trying to be a better human are never far from my mind. Amidst these inner worries and wants to ‘’be my best self’’ and do good in the world is the stark reality that I have made many mistakes over the years, some of which have been recent. 


I have said things without thinking, acted like I didn’t care and been brash without looking at the bigger picture. My behaviour soon showed me; positive changes (in myself) needed to happen. Self-improvement is a daily work-in-progress.  🙏


In terms of ‘’shedding for growth’’, I continue to be hounded by my own creative and results-driven thoughts. There is so much I want to achieve! I want to ensure I utilise my ability to help others through my love for my work, my marketing experience and my passion for writing. 


I realise that my easiest, most fluid, way of connecting with people is via my blog and various social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – you’ll find me on all!) … hence my recent blog about job-hunting tips. 


If something niggles you inside and it’s a repeated feeling I fully believe it is for a reason. 


It can be an inner-voice about changing a part of how you live, giving something up, trying something new, doing more of something that you know you always find joy in. Inside of me is always banging on about writing more! – if you recognise your urges I really feel you need to honour your instinct. Follow yourself.


‘’Shed’’ the familiar you and see where the ‘’growth’’ part takes you. Bets-on you end up adding something that brings you some kind of positive fulfilment.  


Last week was a HUGE week in work and socially. Today’s getting back to nature session was both beautiful and very much needed. Tomorrow will be filled with more nature and hopefully more sun! Then it’s kick on time for a super-busy week ahead in work. April 2019 is set to be one of the busiest months in AJ Hackett Cairns history and we are going to be all guns blazing for it. 🤙


Thank you for reading! Have a great day ☺️



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  1. Emma
    March 17, 2019 / 6:03 pm

    Lar lovely piece of writing
    The place looks fab did you have croc for lunch
    Look forward to snorkelling on the reef pics I knew you’d love it 😊

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