“Live more – Fear less”; a collection of short stories in the works ➡️

Every day I think to myself “What do you want to do?”

The answer always comes back the same “Write” … then furthermore “Well, write then” … 🖊

On questioning myself; my inner compass never strays far from this train of thought.

My Great Gran was a writer and had a collection of memoirs published, I remember seeing them when I was little.

I believe it’s in me to follow suit in my own fashion. Sooner or later I need to act on it.

Cairns is a perfect place to write. It’s peaceful enough to strip yourself back and let your thoughts run wild.

All well and good me constantly thinking about writing and having a never-ending ebb and flow of content spilling from my head and heart; but if I ever want to get anything published (I’d like to do this before I’m 40) I need to write more …

I go through my days thinking about what I want to write next; if it’s a “touchy” subject, how will I frame it to be “safe” to publish without casting shade on anyone?

What are the absolute best things I’ve done to date that I want others to know about so they can enjoy them too? What are the hardest lessons I’ve learned so you don’t have to? Etc etc etc …

Some of my best ideas for writing come when I’m running. Tonight I thought about the four words we use often in work “Live more – Fear less” 🤙

If I wrote without fear I would have penned a lot more by now.

Fear of crossing “the line”, not remaining professional, hurting past friends, being negative (but let’s face it; real!) about old love interests, over-sharing when maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself (blah, blah, blah) 🤷‍♀️

Putting F E A R aside; there’s always a way to share things positively.

Looking to the goods is definitely a craft I have honed these last couple of years.

I always try my absolute best to find the positive in every situation (deffo not immediately, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart, visa issues or friendships going tits up) but 9 times out of 10 the shine always shines on my back 🌞

So as I type now I have 16 titles drafted in front of me covering; Work, Travel, Relationships, Shedding your skin with change, Friendships, Family and living with a f**k FOMO / YOLO mindset.

I’m sharing this now so I am (slightly;) accountable to my own plans.

I’ll see how I go with getting these out but watch this space as more content will be coming soon. Rest assured I won’t be leaving much out. I want / need to write with a “Fear-less” mindset, because that’s where the real stuff lives.

Did I ever tell you about that time I got bullied in work? What about the time I dated a professional athlete who told me I was “his worst nightmare”? What about the time I got my “dream job” time and time again because I never gave up until I got what I wished for? …

I’ll find a way to get these stories together and hope you enjoy reading them.

What would YOU do if you could “Live more” and “Fear less”?

Think about it, maybe there’s a few things out there you need to crack on with too 🙌

Thanks for reading, have a great week



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