7 weeks in Cairns ‘’Look forward’’ 🙌

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go and spring a surprise visit on my family in Singapore. Only Mum and my Stepdad knew I was coming … I arrived in the early hours of Friday morning. Walking into my little Sister’s room as they were both in bed about to get ready for school was sooo cute! Surprises really are the best! ❤️


There is nothing in life that can be compared to seeing your family face-to-face and hugging them. My littlest Sister is just 4 and she is hilarious, off her rocker, FUNNY! 

My middle Sister is 13, every time I see her I am so proud of her – she has a quiet but strong demeanour that I can clearly see will lead her to great things. Of course; I don’t wish either of them to grow up any time soon but at the same time I can’t wait to see them take over their world and enjoy a successful, love-filled life! 💕


Everything just feels right when I am with my family, and absolutely every moment counts.

My Aunt, Uncle, Nan (my hero) and my little Cousin all flew over from Wales the day I arrived – I had not seen them for a year! … Springing out on them in the airport was awesome! Again, that feeling of looking people in the eye that I love so very much meant the world to me!! 🌎


The weekend absolutely flew by but it definitely put my life into perspective; after plans with Tom recently going unexpectedly (and very hurtfully) out the window, chats with my Mum and Aunt made everything make sense.


I flew back into Cairns with a renewed energy and the hurt (somewhat) subsided from what had happened. 🙌


I read an article last week that said after being hurt ‘’Statistically 5 areas of your life improve’’. Here’s me currently;


1.     Focusing fully on my life here, being present

2.     New hair, fresh me – thank you Scene Salon for sorting me out. Tatty-bye-bye bleached straw hair!

3.     I reached out on Facebook to see if anyone needed help with their horses and am meeting a lady this afternoon – I cannot wait to see a horse again, fingers crossed it will become a regular thing but we’ll see how we go

4.     My money is my money; no need to stay in and save for the trip to Sri Lanka he and I had planned 

5.     Being myself, getting out there and stuck in with everyone and everything, work-hard-play-hard party hat firmly on!!… I am definitely starting to build a lovely little friendship group. I have said this many times but Cairns is FULL of the kindest collective group of people I have ever met – you never hear a cross word or negative talk in this part of the world. I am learning daily from pretty much everyone I meet; this is how kind we should always be.

When I left Singers on Sunday arvo Mum said ‘’Look forward’’ – these two words stuck with me as it’s exactly what I need to do. 


If things go ‘’wrong’’ in your life you can’t dwell on them for too long. It really is time wasted – you have to push through the pain-barrier and focus on everything good in your days as soon as you are able. 


I had felt shitty for 2 weeks and it was hard, exhausting and confusing. But the bounce back always makes you a better person. Always. 


It pays to remember we all have our own shit going on too – I got to a point where I was done with being upset and also sick of talking about it to my loved ones, as amazing as they were in helping me – what about them? How was their day going? Was there anything they needed to talk to me about?! … Even though I felt shit, it certainly ain’t all about me boo …


Every difficult time you go through reminds you, you never want to be like that person/ situation that happened. Re-evaluating who YOU are, what YOU want out of life and what YOU can bring to our world is always a good thingGrowth is needed.


If you are in a tough time romantically, work-wise or perhaps another factor is hanging over your head like a dark cloud; my sincere advice is TALK to someone you trust. 


I have a close-knit AMAZING group of strong, loyal friends dotted around the world who I can call 24/7, I am always there for them too of course, your friends and family really are there for you. Don’t feel like a burden if you need support. You cannot work things out on your own.


I had a conversation with my Mum while in Singers about something that had been troubling me for some time. Talking to her about it was one of the most important chats we will ever have and it immediately helped me. It was on-the-spot relief and I was so grateful I could talk to my Mum. Don’t be afraid to open up to the people closest to you. We are all in this life together and without communication what would we have?


As the great Oasis say in their epic song Acquiesce ‘’Because we need each other, we believe in one another’’… 


Many people bowl through life with a ‘’Zero fucks’’ mentality but I firmly believe that is NOT what life is about at all – we have to care. If we don’t care about each other and what we give back to our world we are not living how we are meant to on this earth. 


Be the person that cares. Even if people around you do not have focus or love to give; you can be the difference, be the one to make a positive impact.


Work is just about to come into one of our busiest times of year – April for school and Easter holidays, so there’s lots going on behind the scenes at AJ Hackett Cairns. Our jungle is an amazing place to work. The more time I spend there and more people I meet; the more I realise how very lucky I am to be here. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity job and I am both proud and grateful to say it’s mine. 🤙


Here’s to good times ahead, I am looking forward with open arms to whatever comes next – tomorrow I am going on an adventure to Fitzroy Island with one of the funniest people I have ever met, can’t wait! Let the laugh-cries roll! 🌞 🌊 😂


Thank you for reading – have a great week ahead 💫



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