3 Cairns must do’s; Kuranda, Barron Falls & Behana Gorge

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Writing my last post I realised I had missed out a few very beautiful (very important!) places that I think everyone should try to see in Cairns.

Most visitors only spend 3 days or so here … so you’re never going to cram it all in but it’s good to have options so here we go;

Kuranda Rainforest Market 🍃 is exactly what is says on the tin. A market in the rainforest!

Sounds cool hey? Well you definitely have to see this place to believe it – it’s a “vibe”.

It’s full of hippies (sure they won’t mind me saying that because it’s true) … every shop is different and almost everything is handmade.

You’ll find an array of wild and wacky things that you’ll want to take home. This is a place I know I’d take my family to check out – my Nan would love it here. Weird and wonderful. Get amongst that vibe #dreadlocksoptional

Just down from Kuranda is Barron Falls 💦 A majestic beast of a waterfall. First stop though is this lookout (you drive past the entrance to the falls to find it). What a beaut! Standing here I couldn’t believe my eyes.

You walk a track through the rainforest to get to the Falls. It’s worth the walk for sure!

Ideal times to go; on a sunny day after heavy rain (when the falls are in full flow!)

Behana Gorge 💦 is about an hour out of Cairns, driving is so much fun up here. The roads are super quiet and just pure prettiness.

The walk up to Behana is quite testing (mainly because it’s about a bazillion degrees here!), it’s about 3k and some parts are quite steep.

Bring water and be prepared! Once you get to the top; the walk is 110% worth it – bring a picnic and spend a few hours soaking it all in.

The falls are raging – be careful how you go! There are a couple of pools which have no current (best stick to them to stay safe!)

Thanks for reading!

Here’s to more exploring Cairns!

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