Cairns; my first 3 weeks

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since I arrived into beautiful Cairns ‘Tropical North Queensland’.

On landing from a long-ass overnight flight from Bali …

I had left it so long to book my flight there were no directs left, so had to go via Brisbane for 3 X the cost of a normal flight 😩 – always book in advance folks! …

I arrived into Cairns feeling fragile but with the “crack on!” mindset that makes me who I am.

I had my apartment lined up but it wasn’t ready for a week, so I stayed in an AirBnB by work; easy, cheap – sorted!

Getting back into work after so many weeks off felt great (I hadn’t worked for about 7 weeks) …

It was great to get my brain in gear again, great to look at an unfamiliar business with fresh eyes and immediately knowing “I can do some really good things here!” #greatgreatgreat

Getting back into my fitness routine took me a few days (more like a week) until I felt like I had a bit of energy back.

Use or lose it kids! You have to keep fit to give yourself a chance of living a good quality of life!

My week days have been Steady Eddie; I’m working, training and cooking (living on stir fry’s, pasta and fruit – classic me) so there’s not much to report there … but my weekends have been colourful; coloured with the colours of Cairns and definitely worth sharing!

In no particular order, these are (some of) the places I have explored and 110% recommend if you ever come to Cairns …

Please note; I am on a MEGA money saving stint so rather than getting stuck into the social scene (like a previous me would have) I am looking at Cairns life differently.

To keep my best interests at heart means I am now always looking for free / super cheap things to fill my time with.

Luckily for me; I ❤️ nature and ~getting amongst it~ with the great outdoors. Cairns is literally brimming with heavenly places to get lost in. YAY! 🙌

Every place listed is within 2 hours max drive from Cairns city (most are less than an hour – be sure to Google them all for finer deets if you’re planning a visit!) …

Millaa Millaa Falls – well wow, I had a moment here, it was surreal! I can’t explain it, it just felt amazing to be in this water. I wonder if Peter Andre felt the same when he filmed his Mysterious Girl video there back in 1996 😅

Josephine Falls – another beaut, I didn’t go in the water that day but lots of people were in, loving life! 💦

Babinda Boulders – this is a cool place to check out, it made me think of The Jungle Book with the kids in the trees! It’s full of families so great if you have kids. I didn’t stay long but it was super pretty!

Lake Eacham – you can stop here on the way back from Millaa Millaa. I didn’t realise when I was there but this is actually in a volcanic crater! It’s so peaceful and such a huge space, expansive space – I’m told it’s full of eels though so there’s no way you’ll catch me in the water 🤢

Port Douglas – getting to PD is possibly my fave part of it; the drive is absolutely unreal. It reminds me of both New Zealand and Thailand, it’s a must do drive if you ever find yourself in this part of the world. It’s just bliss. Music loud, cruising – you feel like you’re in another dimension.

Yorkeys – I’ve spent a fair bit of time on the beach at the end of my road. When I run the beach I run directly up the middle of it – there are crocodiles everywhere in the water in Cairns. Absolutely never will you see me getting in the sea! 🐊

Palm Cove – I’ve driven up to Palmy a few times after work. It is simply stunning. Lots of tourists there but that’s no surprise, it’s a perfect spot for a holiday. 🌞

There’s so many things I ❤️ about Cairns already;

⁃ The people are genuine, kind and on the whole just ~nice~. A world away from the stress heads and money minded people on the take whom I was surrounded by in Sydney

⁃ You will never run out of things to do, there’s something for everyone every day of the week!

⁃ Nature is constantly putting on a show for you, no matter how good the pics and videos you see – you have to see it, hear it, smell it to believe it!

⁃ Working with people who love their jobs is a blessing, there’s always laughs and smiles in the AJ Hackett Cairns office!

On the whole it’s been a great first 3 weeks. I settle into anywhere pretty quick and think it’s fair to say I LOVE wherever I am (apart from Brazil … I never had that feeling there in 2014 and yep I am still yet to write about that crazyyy trip 🤪) … in all seriousness; Cairns has definitely been as easy a start as I could ask for.

I feel like the place and people have welcomed me with open arms. It feels good to be surrounded by humans who love their jobs, their country and essentially their lives – I have found a paradise where I’m finely tuned into the same wavelength!

Looking forward to making some serious tracks in work over the coming weeks, getting to know my work crew and ticking off as many epic things to do as I can.

Last weekend it rained all day Saturday and I felt shit that day – because I let the day run away with me 😩

As I’ve always said “the fun won’t have itself!”. So my big learning from my first 3 weeks is; keep busy, keep living! Next time my weekend is rained out I’ll be hitting the art galleries and the library! 🤙

Let’s see what happens next!

Thanks for reading ☺️



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  1. Emma Wilkin
    January 24, 2019 / 12:12 am

    Wonderful photos Lara x

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