Peaks, troughs and finding a way; the latest from Down Under

Lara Lain Larasstory Sculpture by the sea 2018.jpgEvery time I come to writing a fresh post I feel like a ”new woman”, not always in a positive sense but more-so in the fact that so much happens from one day to the next.

If I haven’t blogged for a few weeks you can bet your bottom dollar it’s because ”things have been hectic my end”.

So here’s the latest! It’s a pretty lengthy post so I’ve split it into sections. Hopefully this format makes it easier for your eyes to take in – enjoy the journey!

What happened with work Lara?

Without going into too much detail for various reasons (mainly that I want to remain as professional as possible), I do want to address what has happened lately:

  1. I left my previous role in ”rushed circumstances”.
  2. I went onwards to another company to quickly realise the role was not going to come to fruition.
  3. This left me (or pushed me in the right direction) to where I am now; amidst a time of change but feeling extremely positive.

Last week was full of despair and worry. This week the air has cleared and I see things as I usually do again; full of opportunity.

Staying positive wins the day, always. FACT. 

I know things are going to work out for me. Even when events have literally had me on my butt in tears – there have been a lot of tears shed recently, believe me. I always have this inner feeling of self-believe driving me through.

It is almost as though my exterior goes through things to make my interior stronger. I have this ”I got you” voice going on inside – the body and mind is a wonderful thing. I oddly admire how much grit my instinct continues to have, even when my mind plays tricks on it with doubts, worries and fears.

Even on a really s**t day I find something to smile and be excited about. I know that counts for a lot – there is always something good to focus on in your life, no matter how bad your days might be feeling.

You have to focus on what is good. Your focus on good will help others feel good too!

I have dealt with numerous people who have tried to pull me down over the last few months (it all kicked off in August) and the fact of the matter is; I won’t allow it.

At the time; when I am processing what is happening I find things hard to deal with. But I always find a way to keep going, to keep pushing myself to a better place in life.

Every time I am stamped down, talked badly to, made to feel uncomfortable in my own skin; I learn that I never want to treat someone like that … this is a way I find the good in extremely tough situations.

I am sharing this as a reminder to always stay true to yourself, it is amazing how many people (in both a personal and professional capacity) can wear you down, use you for their needs and drop you like a hot potato when they’ve got what they wanted.

Just keep taking it on the chin. Keep going. Keep doing what you know is morally correct.

As long as you treat others as you know you should, you will always find a way to get through whatever goes on; because you have done the right thing.

457 visa issues explained

This section is for those who have no idea what trouble a visa can bring you in Australia. It looks OH SO SO EASY to set up a new life in beautiful Aus from the sidelines. And yes; so many people come here and have no trouble whatsoever when mapping out their futures here.

For me however, the Universe had other plans – and let’s face it, it makes for a good read, which others can hopefully learn from if nothing else. Facts:

  1. Currently; A 457 WHV ‘Working Holiday Visa’ allows you to stay in Australia for up to 2 years.
  2. Mine; was granted in 2017 – at the time it allowed me to stay for up to 4 years (until Feb 2021).
  3. Your 457 must be connected to a job and a company willing to ‘sponsor’ you.
  4. Your company must be ‘set up to sponsor’. This costs upwards of $7k – they have to prove to the Government that you were the most worthy applicant before all Australian candidates.
  5. Your company needs to submit a lot of paperwork to prove they are legitimate, the job is real and they need you etc (this is to prevent people setting up fake companies just for a visa!).
  6. Your company also has to prove they can afford to sponsor you (minimum pay is $55k – $55k is an extremely difficult wage to live on in Sydney. I made more than this when I was farming tomatoes in the outback if that puts it in perspective for you).
  7. If you lose / change your job for any reason whatsoever you have 60 days to find a new company to sponsor you or you; lose your visa and have to leave the country.

Lara Lain Larasstory surfing Bondi .jpg

Leaving the visa stress behind once and for all 

In my case – you can appreciate the stress of when I left one company and thought I was going to another in a right move. When that fell out of bed it meant I tripped directly into a HUGE PANIC 60-day-countdown.

I need to transfer my visa to a new employer by 11th Jan 2019 or I need to leave the country. That’s the cold, hard crux of the matter.

Right now I have ”irons in the fire” so I am feeling positive about my next step. I will share my plans with you in due course.

When you have to work to keep your visa safe it is a super-stressful time if you are not happy in your job. I have often said I have been looking for a role that will make me as happy as my days at LOOK magazine.

I smashed that job (in London) for 4 years and honestly always felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I used to skip down the pavement to work – yep really!. I could never believe I worked at the UK’s biggest-selling fashion magazine. Looking back; I am forever grateful and super-proud that I was a valued cog in the fabulous, sparkly LOOK magazine wheel.


Front row at a LOOK fashion show, London 2011 – great times!

My next move will hopefully give me those feel-good-feels. To me a perfect job is one where you can really get stuck in, add revenue, add value, be a great team player and essentially be a positive addition in every way, shape and form to your company.

That’s what work-life it is all about! Life is meant to be enjoyed and if you are not happy at work you will never be truly happy out of it either – if you are reading this and thinking ‘I hate my job!’ then please, do something about it.

If I can ”find a way” to get a new role within 60 days then you can find something right for you too – hopefully minus the visa pressure!

A change of jobs is not just a professional move; it is a change of everything!

Thank you for reading my blog and HUGE thanks to every single person who has reached out to me lately while I have been looking for a job.

I know you lead a busy life and I feel extremely grateful for the time out taken in an effort to help me – if I can ever return a favour for you, you know where to find me! ☺️




  1. Frank Smith
    November 28, 2018 / 9:34 am

    Hi Lara – we hope all goes well with your job / visa. Frank and Mary

    • laralain
      November 28, 2018 / 9:35 am

      Thank you so much Frank & Mary – thank you for reading my blog. Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Barry has been a huge help to me, as always – my dear friend.
      Hope you are both well and excited for Christmas 🙂 x

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