Finding your confidence in the gym

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I’m 7 months down the track of taking my training more seriously and am definitely in a place whereby I “can’t live without it”.

Through Bootcamp and Personal Training, I have learned enough since April 2018 to be able to put myself through a (pretty hardcore!) full body workout in the gym.

However, of course, it hasn’t always been this way!

For me personally (and I remember feeling this way back when I was in my late teens!) I feel gyms are so full of equipment it can be super overwhelming.

You can get a huge sense of “I don’t know what I’m doing”. And amble aimlessly from one section to another feeling silly and that everyone around you has everything fully under control.

Of course the easiest route to working out when you’re “not sure” is using the simple machines; treadmill, bike, rowers etc.

But these can quickly get too repetitive, with any glimpse of a challenge soon wearing off … Then you’re still surrounded by lots of different machines and apparatus that you’re not sure what to do with!

To benefit yourself best it’s a great idea to find out what machines / work out regimes suit your age, body type and fitness goals.

You can easily action this in a few different ways;

1. Book a few PT sessions in, these are not cheap but they are worth it!

2. Find a friend to go with; you likely know one person who wouldn’t mind showing you the ropes.

3. Watch YouTube tutorials and put what you see into practice.

4. Sign up for a few different types of classes, not only are classes fun but you will learn quickly (classes move pretty fast so you’ll be kept on your toes!).

It’s so good to learn! Working out offers you unlimited opportunities for growth both physically and mentally.

After a while you will begin to feel an inner confidence when you hit the gym. It is not an overnight thing – it takes time but once you hit your groove you’ll never look back! 🙌

Thank you for reading – have a great week!



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