7 daily health steps (5 supplements + 2 drinks) – November 2018


// November 2018 //
When I signed up with personal trainer, Bodies by Jax, back in June we went through a ‘Detox to Retox’ phase.

Here we looked at my diet and agreed I needed to cut down my sugar and up my water intake. We also introduced healthy drinks to flush out my system and start each day the right way!

I still keep the daily drinks going. I also now take a range of supplements to help keep me feeling good inside and out!

The drinks. All of these ingredients can be picked up in your local supermarket /health store.

Drink 1: Hot water, fresh squeezed half lemon, turmeric and 4 spoons of apple cider vinegar. This drink tastes like it sounds; strong! You’ll get used to it!

Drink 2: Cold water, super greens and fibre; 2 heaped tea spoons of a super greens powder of your choice and a spoon of psyllium husk powder mixed in a pint of cold water. Super greens will cost you around $100 and the husk I picked up was $60 from a health store but you might find a cheaper option.

Drink both of these, in that order, as soon as you get up in the morning.

The supps. All of these supplements will be available in your local health store/ supermarket

Fish Oil 1000 (from $16)

Helps maintain heart, brain and joint health

Advanced Curcumin (recommended by Jax, from $30)

Anti-inflammatory, helps relieve pain and joint stiffness (helps when training!)

Kombucha (from $40)

Aids healthy gut & digestion

Beetroot (from $40)

Immunity booster & antioxidant

Super Magnesium (recommended by Jax, from $30)

Helps support healthy metabolism during exercise; maintains energy production; and helps support healthy immune function

Of course there are lots of supplements, drinks and healthy choices out there. You can always go to your local health store and ask for advice on anything that you think you are lacking/ need extra support with. Taking a bit of extra time in the ‘healthy section’ next time you go shopping is a great place to start!

Thanks for reading – have a great day!



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