A new life goal could make you super happy!

Lara Lain post surfing Bondi Beach

Last week – that post surf buzz!

Every morning this week I’ve looked at the surf in Bondi and thought “can’t wait to get out there on the weekend!”

A few weeks ago I had never surfed before – now it’s something I am super hyped about.

I’m excited about getting out and giving it a go, falling off, struggling to get up, finding my balance, getting up, working out how to navigate the ocean when it’s super busy with other surfers, bricking it because Jaws 🦈 …

Last weekend I went out (with my friend) for the first time on our own – not with a lesson / teacher.

It was my third attempt at surfing. It was a completely different experience to the two lessons we’d had a couple of weeks prior.

Catching your own wave, paddling, working out where the ‘sweet spot’ is to keep balanced … the list of uncharted territory goes on.

It was a HUGE learning curve and we both got wiped out multiple times.

We were both on 8′ boards – a foot shorter than what they give you in lessons …

It was a whole other board game, I absolutely loved it!

Learning and living yes please thank you very much 🙌

Surfing has become a new goal, a new focus for me and I’m so glad I found it.

Imagine if I’d never had a go? I’d never have known this feeling of pure joy existed!

If there is something you’ve thought about before but not done yet there’s a reason it keeps crossing your mind …

You never know, one of the “best things you ever do” might just be one action away!

Alongside training with Jax, working out in my own time and now bringing surfing into my mix I’ve got a multitude of solid goals (that really excite me and make me feel alive!) to keep working on.

What’s your goals? If you’re not doing them already what’s stopping you?

Be a do’er! Your life is there for the making – get out and live! 🏄🏼‍♀️

Thank you for reading, have a great day!


Bondi Beach Lara Lain


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