Your diet; small changes count

On Friday Jax took my measurements and weighed for me for the first time in around 8 weeks.

I’ve gone up 5kg since we last weighed in (from 60kg to 65kg). Most of this gain is definitely muscle there is also a layer of excess fat on my body.

I am small but as I’m sure you know with your own body; when you feel it, you feel it!

I was on a Thrive (home-delivered) meal plan for around 6 weeks but I stopped it when I went to New York – which was over a month ago now! Time flies!!

Since New York I went through a personal blip for two weeks which I’m now fully past – hurrah!. However, during that time I fell out of my training routine and my healthy diet almost went out the window too (thanks to ”needed” family bars of chocolate!) … anyways, that was then and this is now.

I swiftly got back into my training; going twice a week with Jax and running/ working out in the gym or on Bondi in my own time. As a rule; I generally exercise five or six times a week, sometimes twice.

Weighing in yesterday was great timing as it makes me accountable to me again.

I went out for drinks last night and had a couple of cocktails and then switched to a couple of vodka & soda’s … I gotta live and enjoy myself (!!) but switching to vodka & soda is a low fat, low sugar option!


This morning I went shopping for a few bits for the weekend and picked up green tea. I last drank this 5+ years ago in London. I also grabbed almond milk – for the first time ever.

This week I’ve drunk probably four cups of tea a day, in which I always have one sugar – that’s A LOT of sugar.

Usually I have two cups a day but I’ve been out of sync – even two a day is one too much if you’re trying to keep sugar low!

I’m of the mind; if I don’t have it at home I generally won’t go out and buy it (unless it’s chocolate and I ”need it”) … so having green tea on hand will be a forced way to replace my usual sugar-laden option.

Almond milk is low fat, low sugar and dairy free – what’s not to love right?

I’ve shared this to hopefully inspire you to make little changes in your diet too – what small change could you make today that will be benefit your body going forward?

Not only will your body thank you for your efforts but your mind will too. I feel really good knowing I am organised with a healthier mindset. As much as I LOVE tea and will never ever fully cut it out, it’ll do me the world of good to mix it up when some green goodness!

Bye bye fat layer, hello muscle!

Thank you for reading – have a great day!




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