Make fear work in your favour

This morning I read a friends post on LinkedIn about ”trying to get past fears” and it got me thinking …

So often you hear ”What would you do if you had no fear?” … and who remembers the edgy lifestyle brand ‘No Fear’ from back in the day?

Fear is everywhere and it takes hold of us in many sneaky shapes and forms.

I HATE talking to people with my glasses on because I don’t feel like ‘me’. That’s a form of it right there; discomfort in my own skin.

Fear is banded around as a scary word, laden with negative connotations and often linked with the ‘worst that could happen’ scenarios.

But on the other side of the bitcoin fear is not so scary after all. In fact; fear can be pretty damn great!

Because fear makes you do stuff you would never do otherwise (just so you can say ”felt the fear and did it anyway!!!” if nothing less!)

5 examples of when I’ve played fear to my advantage

  1. Pushed myself to compete with the ‘big boys’ in my show jumping days; any courses over 1.20m used to make me feel physically sick. I would still get into the ring at every chance because I wanted to be my best and my horses best … we would very often win!
  2. Said goodbye to my extremely successful career in London to travel the world. I was at the top of my game in London and can only imagine where I would be right now had I stayed … I am being realistic when guessing I would be heading up an amazing Marketing team for a big fashion or sports brand.
  3. Survived solo – I travelled multiple countries on my own steam in during 2014 – 2016. How many people can say they have navigated foreign countries (and languages!) alone?!
  4. Been honest about my feelings – In my 7 years of being single I have put my heart on the line so many times in the face of fear of rejection. #stillsingle #stillbeinghonest … love will find me when its meant to work out!
  5. Done it anyway – Bungy jumping, sky diving, surfing = some of the greatest high-adrenalin moments of my life.

Now that’s just me, and that’s just 5 points amongst hundreds of possibles I could add to the list.

… When you think about ALL the times you’ve faced up/ pushed through/ gone for it regardless and thought ”stuff it, what’s the worst that could happen?!”that’s you making fear work in your favour.

Without fear would we push ourselves so much, would we accomplish so much?

Would we be who we are today?

No. The answer is 110% no.

So maybe, next time you are fearful of something, don’t let that little four letter word hold you back. Just go for it.

You don’t have to be your ”best self” or whatever you ”think” you should be – you just have to go for it.

It pays to remember; everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives (and fears!) that they highly likely won’t ever notice what fear might be playing tricks on your mind.

And it also pays to remember that you are doing exceptionally well at what you are setting your mind to, because you went out and did it!

As the saying goes ”God loves a trier” – that’s all you gotta do! Get out there and try – get out there and live your life, fear or no fear.

Thank you for reading – have a great day!




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