Focusing on bringing out the ‘’best’’ in work

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A physical kind of strength & winning in the Gold Coast on Saturday!

Interesting conversation with a friend over the weekend – she works in an ad agency and recently took part in a workshop;

Each team member was required to stand up and talk about their ‘Strengths’ and ‘Weaknesses’ for 3 minutes …

One of the key take-aways was;

If you worked more on what you were best at ➡️ rather than spending too much time worrying about / focusing on what you thought you ‘’couldn’t do’’ ⬅️ you would essentially be pushing yourself (faster!) to be an expert in what you already naturally excelled at …

Although we have to accept we have weaknesses (and always work on improving them!) this is a great way to consider pushing positives to the fore!

❓3 minutes would undoubtedly feel like a LONG time for many to talk about themselves – what would you say about you? ❓

3 of my strengths:

  1. People management – I can talk to anyone at any level and be on their level at that time. Alongside knowing I can fully contribute knowledgeably to any conversation/ meeting/ discussion: I value my team and always strive to make everyone feel included and important. Everybody counts to me!
  2. Being a sponge – Every meeting I have I glean as much information from my peers and fellow experts as possible, I absorb everything (not always writing things down, but keeping it in my head) to use to my advantage moving forward.
  3. I always find a way to win, always – Whatever my job needs I will do it, whether I know how or not, I find a solution and quickly – show me your targets and watch me smash those goals!


Thank you for reading – have a great day!



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