Hooked on surfing

LaraLain surfing Bondi Beach -2

I recently decided I needed a fresh, new challenge to get stuck into.

I was busy with work, training, trips away and generally living my ‘usual’ way of life in Bondi Beach but felt I need to widen my net with something that would both push me and bring me joy.

Enter stage left; Surfing

All these years of being in Australia I’ve been ‘’I’m scared of sharks LOL’’ / ‘’I’d rather sunbathe’’ / ‘’Not today!’’ and I’ve never once taken up the endless opportunities to get involved.

Now it clicked – now was the time!

I mentioned my weekend plans to a friend and was so happy to learn she was super keen too! We signed up to Let’s Go Surfing in Bondi, booking three lessons to get us started.

First session; We both got up multiple times and learned so much from our instructor and through just having a go. The 2 hours was so much FUN!!

After that first session we were walking with a spring in our step, buzzing from this newfound high.

It was honestly quite a bizarre feeling – kind of like when you were little and you just got a new pair of trainers you loved (you remember that feeling right? Mine were Nike Air Max’s with the bubble in the sole – I remember bouncing down my street like it was yesterday!).

Session two, the next day; Again we got up multiple times, we also caught our own waves (without our instructor giving us a push). Again, we finished feeling so HAPPY!!

Surfing is a feeling I can’t compare to anything I’ve ever done in my whole life. Although the closest I would say would be the way I feel on a horse – simply amazing …

The 4 basic steps to get into your head as you ‘build muscle memory’ are;

  1. Chest up
  2. Bum up
  3. Back foot up (your dominating foot with your board leash on – mine was my left)
  4. Front foot + arms up at same time
    … sounds easy when you know how right? 😉

While surfing is most definitely NOT ‘easy’ I feel certain it is something that most people can have a go at.

My fitness and training came into play and helped me vs. if I was unfit but in general, if you just want to experience it I recommend going for lessons if you have the chance!

If you have ever thought about surfing, get out and do it!

Put the worries of Jaws or not being able to do it out of your mind … if I had tried it when I first landed in sunny Australia 4 years ago there’s a 99% chance I’d be a pretty decent surfer by now.

But as with many things in life – it’s better late than never and for me; right now was the best time to get my water wings. 🤙

I know by how much I loved it that I am going to be spending a lot of time surfing over the coming Spring/Summer months. I’m away this weekend to the Gold Coast (for the third time this year!) but that following week I’ll be in the water again.

I keep thinking ‘I just wanna go surfing!’ … They say ~one wave is all it takes~ and I have to agree with that statement; I am hooked! 🏄‍♀️

Thank you for reading – hope you have a great day.



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