Do more of what is ‘easy’


Last night I had my second coaching session with Faith from Spark Escapes.

We talked goals, brain patterns and replacing old habits with new actions.

One question from Faith was ”What comes easily to you?”

I often do what I ”love” or what ”makes me happy” and I always up the anti with whatever makes me ”feel good” whenever I need to.

Examples: working out, writing, going on adventures.

Rather than doing what you  ”enjoy” or ”love”, how about taking things from a different angle and just do more of what is ”easy” for you too?

Examples: Spending time with friends, properly relaxing watching a good film, putting a face mask on etc …

If it’s easy it’s more than likely going to make you feel a better version of you (and be limited on stress too!)

What’s on your “easy” list?

Thank you for reading.



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