The importance of trusting the process of your life – looking back over a year in Bronte

Next Saturday I leave beautiful Bronte; to return to living in the world famous Bondi Beach.

This past year in Bronte has been one of the most transformational of my life to date.

This year in Bronte I discovered;

#1 Working out has become a true passion for me. Since April I completely switched my life up a gear and started having more ~serious fun~ with my health and fitness. Undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever done.

#2 My connections with my friends are stronger than ever. Friends are integral to the person you are. You all grow together; through thick, thin and fanf**kingtastic times.

My mates have ”heard it all before” with me so many times and I’m often the same with them … Work, boys, other girls, family fall outs, being homesick, money issues, visa freak outs …

We’ve been through it and we’ve always ”Got this”. We find a way through the mayhem every time.

Whatever is happening we always come out laughing and most importantly; come out together.

I absolutely LOVE my friends and make as much time for them as possible.

One of my absolute dearest lives back in Wales and runs a hectic household with an amazing family of 3 little ones – we haven’t seen each other in person for over 4 years (since before I left the UK) but we talk EVERY DAY.

I have so much love and respect for my friends. They shine a HUGE light on my daily life – no matter how close or how far, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You know who you are, all of you!

Thank you for being you and please know how awesome you are! … You need to look in the mirror and love yourself as much as I love you!

#3 It’s always best to turn a ‘problem’ on it’s head – whatever it is, look for the best point of view in which to act on it.

My mental health is super strong in recent months but it deffo wasn’t this time a year ago! … I have been putting some serious work in to myself (reading, getting a better understanding of how I work, appreciating myself etc) and it’s paying off.

I look at everything from a positive angle (as best I can – obvs not always possible!). I really try to switch my thoughts to the ‘good side’ almost immediately if I feel any fear, doubt, jealousy, scared or embarrassed feelings.

We must be realistic, not every situation in life has a silver lining. But if the opportunity arises for you to turn a neggy vibes episode into a good situation; please use all your might to do so!

Your life will improve tenfold when you keep your mindset consistently gunning for GREEN FOR GO status 🚦

#4 Men will come and go; until one stays in my life by his own choice and doesn’t want to leave. Men dropping like flies used to make me think I needed to change. Last year I remember being distraught with a friend one day who nearly slapped me ”Don’t you dare say you need to change!”. It was good to be (nearly) smacked into reality.

However, I still had to see this realisation myself and that took time but this year I finally saw the light on my own. After 32 years of living how I’ve always lived – I realised I honestly just need to find someone where we feel we are on the same level.

In fact, I realised I didn’t need to ”find” anyone, I just needed to enjoy the f**k out of my awesome life!! 💃🏻

As one door closes another door opens and believe me I’ve had my fair share of doors slammed in my face – it’s all opportunity and space being made to let the good stuff in.

You have to enjoy the ride(s;) and see what happens – sometimes it’s been shitty but I live for experiences. A lot has happened, with men, while I’ve lived in Bronte and it’s all made me feel stronger, more confident and ready for the good times ahead more than ever before.

#5 Putting myself first makes my whole world around me a better place; after I was ill in March I changed my whole way of living forever – if it doesn’t suit me, benefit me or actually be a good thing for me you won’t catch me doing it.

Whereas in the past I used to bend over backwards for others (don’t get me wrong, I still and always will do this, 110%) but I mean I no longer go all-out for others if it is going to negatively effect me – because that kinda living is never going to work forever.

Can’t believe it took me 32 years to work that one out kids (!!) but one major rule in your life must be; you first. You are no good to anyone else if you are not happy, healthy and living well for yourself first.

Just trust it – trust your life is working for you, not against you

Trusting my process is one of the best things I’ve done for myself – recently, more and more I look at things with a broader view. Everything happens for a reason, what goes up must come down, life is epic one minute and can be turned on its head the next.

We all go through amazing and awful times. Often you might be on a high while someone you love is going through all sorts – life unfortunately is not all roses but if it was good ALL the time would we appreciate it quite so much?

I know a few of my friends around the world right now, working away from home etc, are struggling but I bet my bottom dollar; in a few months they will be singing from a different (positive!) hymn sheet.

Trying times are sent to test us and whatever you get through makes you come out with 10 more coats of armour on.

If you had seen what was going on in my head a year ago vs. what’s inside it right now, it would paint a very different picture! …

I am so glad I went through some rough patches in Bronte – I’ve come out so much more grateful and in tune with life.

Talking of grateful – check out the pics of Gordon’s Bay and Bronte at sunset from this weekend.

Sydney is so, so beautiful! I will forever be in love with this place 💘

Last word; I am upping my carbs intake, my low fat/ low sugar diet has meant not enough energy to workout effectively this week! Health and fitness comes first kids! If you are not sure about your diet please seek professional advice – you want to be fit and strong; don’t be a div – do it right!

Thank you for reading – have a great week ahead!



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