One seriously awesome way to enjoy a solo workout! Anyone can do this

Yesterday I went to the gym for a session on my own, while getting stuck in to exercise solo is nothing new for me – the way I worked out was.

It’s definitely not rocket science (and millions of people worldwide are doing the same already!) but since it was a fresh approach that made me feel awesome I wanted to share it with you …

You can do this too!

*Earlier this week; while looking for some fitness inspiration I found a YouTube channel called XHIT Daily

One of the presenters is called @TheModelPilot – she pulled me in right away with her infectious energy, amazing healthy body and huge choice of videos.

These include various celebrity and Victoria’s Secret workouts!

I then went on to find her own page Rebecca Louise and decided that next time I was in the gym I was going to give one a go myself!

*I love running first whenever I work out (over the years running has been the main thing I have done) but in the gym I don’t enjoy it at all!

I clock-watch the whole time on the treadmill. This is when I completely relate to people who ‘hate the gym’ – I honestly get it guys! …

To combat this I thought it would make sense to start watching something on my phone while I warm up.

I was going to hit up ol’ Love Island but on finding Rebecca Louise it made perfect sense to run while I watched; so I could pre-frame what I was going to do next!

*After my warm up I went on to the gym floor and found a spot near a window – I was facing said window so I could clearly see my reflection (of course in front of a mirror is better if you have a clear space!)

*I propped my phone up against the window, turned the volume up so I could hear Rebecca’s instructions clearly and got to work!

*I followed her to the letter; completing 2 x Advanced Legs and 1 x Arms (with no weights) workouts.

*This was 30+ mins of HARD work – I gave it my all throughout and felt really pushed.

*A lot of the movements were things I had done in Bootcamp but there was also a great mix of things I had never done before.

The beauty of this method is; if you are not sure how to do something you can of course, pause the video; check your reflection for accuracy and go again when you are ready!

So that’s the ‘’trick’’ for you; scout YouTube, find someone who inspires you and simply get to work following what they do. Easy hey?!

I’ve scouted a few channels below that you may want to give a go yourself;

  1. Men – @The Body Coach ”Workout at home for beginners’
  2. Mums – @WhatsUpMoms ”Fitness for Mums at home – 20 mins
  3. Seniors – @HasFit ”Fitness for Seniors – 20 mins
  4. Girls – @LoveSweatFitness ”Lazy girl workout – full body burn

My advice is you really need to;

A) If you are in the gym don’t worry about other people around you; find a space you are comfortable in, get in your zone and concentrate on yourself.

B) Listen to what they say, in terms of getting your form (posture, position etc) correct.

C) Try REALLY hard, give it 110% – if you don’t you are only letting yourself down, I’m not saying ‘’do everything perfectly’’ at all – I’m saying TRY.  If you try your best that’s the best you can do!

Obvs you don’t need a gym to do this – you can workout with YouTube at home, in your garden, down the park, near the beach etc etc … your choice!

The world really is at your finger tips and it does not take a genius, or a fit person to follow videos from YouTube!

My Mum used to work out to Jane Fonda when I was little and now we’re living in a world where a Jane Fonda VHS isn’t the only option on the Woolworths shelf!

You have a world of health out there waiting for your input – your body will thank you for it!

Thank you for reading – cheers to YouTube!


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The one and only Jane Fonda!


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