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Morton National Park Lara Lain blog Larasstory

Today my ol’ buddy ol’ pal Jaime drove us an hour or so out of Sydney to the glorious Morton National Park.

As we hit the Park road and headed to our first stop, Belmore Falls, we couldn’t get over how beautiful the trees were!

They were arched over the road, enclosing us in greenery – as though we were driving down a secret route, to a land before time (or something equally special!).

Belmore Falls (last pic below) was beaut but we left feeling not entirely sure we had checked out the right view points.

As you can spot from the photo; the waterfall was hard to see and quite some distance away!

I legit had a bikini on underneath today – all ready to whip off my clothes in the freezing for some water shots but no such hopeย ๐Ÿ˜‚

But that didn’t matter too much when we were surrounded by what felt like tens of thousands of amazing trees. I honestly couldn’t get over the trees – so beautiful!

Next stop; Fitzroy Falls. Here the view points were much clearer, we were super close to the Falls itself and also had an amazing view out across the valley – the landscape really reminded me of the Blue Mountains.

Last stop; Bowral. Bowral is a little town full of cafes and shops, including an AMAZING antique warehouse. We lunched here and then made our way home.

If you are looking to get out of Sydney, to clear your head and get down with Mother Nature I 110% recommend this day trip, it’s such an easy drive. Before you know it you are fully immersed in glorious Australian countryside.

Who did what now?

I was in a bit of a weird mood today and felt like I did a fair amount of moaning, which is generally not like me.

In between updating Jaime on all news of late; I also got a few ‘things’ off my chest that had been on my mind due to recent ‘events’.ย When I say ‘things’ I mean ‘men’, obvs.

By the time I got home I felt a little guilty for talking about said ‘things’ then I reminded myself; that’s what mates (and catch ups) are for.

Also – sometimes you really do just need to chat things out to get your head around stuff.

I’m just mentioning this as I appreciate how important it is to talk to people you know you can confide in.

I am BIG on talking about everything (usually) and feel it’s quite obvious now that I had had my guard up on a few ‘things’ because ”it’s silly, it doesn’t matter” …

At the end of the day; no matter how much ”you got this”ย people are going to say and do stuff that knocks you … but it’s never the end of world – it’s lyfeee! It’s also another chapter to add to your story!

Often it takes aย simple, honest chatย (and perhaps also a little tree-hugging sesh) to make your issues drift into reflections of your past.

It’s GOOD to talk!

This week I bought a great book called ”You are a Badass‘ by Jen Sincero – if you are looking for an entertaining, enlightening way to look your world and improve yourself, I fully recommend checking this one out!

Thank you for reading – talk if you need to talk!


Fitzroy Falls NSW Lara Lain blog Larasstory

Fitzroy Falls – super beautiful Mother Nature

Fitzroy Falls Lara Lain blog Larasstory

Looking out over Fitzroy Falls – the scene is very similar to the Blue Mountains

Belmore Falls Lara Lain blog Larasstory

Belmore Falls (look close and you’ll see it;)


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