Down (but not out) and back to Bondi I go!

This week I have been seriously eating the ”I’m in the best shape of my lyfe” words that I was uttering just a week ago! …

Last Saturday I woke up with a rash that I thought was ”a heat rash”. It was all over my body (which was odd!) but since I felt ok I didn’t freak out.

I did however nip into the Doctors to check what the go was; to be told ”It’s nothing, don’t worry – it will clear up in a few days”.

You might have to get used to this

So I went out Saturday night for the football (great night!) and didn’t think much more of it … until Sunday arvo (and Monday morning!) when it was still there!

Monday I went back to the Docs (and saw a new Doctor) to be advised I had a virus called Pityriasis-rosea.

I was signed off work and told to take it easy while I recovered and to come back Wednesday (and Friday) for blood test results.

After that second doctors visit I (of course!) went home and Googled said virus to find out the rash could be with me for up to 12 weeks.

This was a bit of a shock!!

The rash is fully all over my entire body and 12 weeks felt like a long time, especially for me who – let’s be real – would rather wear as few clothes as possible at all times!

But rather than get too down in the dumps about it I immediately felt accepting of what I saw in the mirror – I looked at my body and thought ”It is what it is”.

Leopard living

I posted a ~funny~ video taking the mickey out of myself, saying that I would live ”like a leopard” if that’s what I needed to do.

I then later realised that it could be construed as insensitive to anyone who may have a long term skin condition.

That was 110% not my goal at all – I posted it because that was how I was thinking about me … I was trying to look at myself in the most positive way possible; like ok great, I may have this rash for 12 weeks. And that means I might as well flaunt it while I’ve got it!!

Confidence is key and we have to love ourselves. I wasn’t about to let this crazy rash get in my way.

Missing signs

Recently, when I had changed my diet, I found I was struggling in Bootcamp and thought it was due to the fact that I had cut back on sugar …

I also had a couple of days when I felt really drained mentally, kinda like a hangover feeling but without having had a drink!

So perhaps I had been fighting a virus without knowing.

Taking myself down a peg (just one …)

Today I was cleared by the Doctor to go back to work on Monday.

I have been working from home all week so feel prepared and ready to go back, which is great, as it can often feel like a long time away from your desk when you’ve got a lot on but you’re not around your team.

It’s been a weird week at home though as my normally full-on daily fitness routine had completely come to a halt.

Let’s admit this here and now; I have eaten (a lot of) cookies and Domino’s this week and I while I don’t regret it I definitely feel a change in my body!

If I was going to have down-time it was while I was in recovery mode. I have also eaten really well every day too but I’ve definitely had more naughty stuff this week than I’ve had in the last few months!

I don’t want to pretend I have been super healthy all week like normal, because I haven’t – I am all about being real and sometimes kids you just gotta enjoy the chocolate cookiesss!!

Snapping back

I’m going back to the gym tomorrow. I will ease back in and look forward to getting into my routine, losing my ~down time~ weight and shaking that lethargic feeling.

To be honest; I think I thought I had it all ~worked out~ with my Bootcamp and PT sessions.

But it looks like I may well have been overdoing it (again!) without realising until something has happened to make me take stock (classic me!).

So moving ahead; while I will be very focused on my health, fitness and clean eating I need to make sure I’m not too OTT with my training and ensure I have enough rest days.

5 days a week hard sessions is good – I think I may have been tipping the balance at 6 in recent weeks. Let’s see how I go moving forward.

Watch this space! Health and wellbeing comes first!


One of my early visits to Bondi Beach back in July 2014 with my dear friend, Lucy 👭

Being a Bondi babe again

I am so pleased and super excited to share that I’ll be moving back to Bondi on the 28th July weekend (in just two weeks time!).

The lease is up on our current paradise pad in Bronte. After a year away from Bondi I just feel it’s the right time to get back to the place that made me want to live in Sydney ‘forever’.

I left Bondi in such a different headspace a year ago and feel like I’m going back a 100 X better person – more rounded, grounded and genuinely happier than I was when I left.

I can’t explain how I feel about Bondi, it’s weird, it just has a magic feeling about it and it’s like it has everything I need. Like what more could I possibly want when my bed is literally going to be 100 metres away from the sand?

My new place is my idea of a perfect pad, I’m so grateful to have found it and look forward to calling it home with my two new housemates 🌞

Cheers to good health and Bondi dreams!



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