Don’t know where to begin with your health & fitness?! Check out this round up of simple, easy tips to kickstart YOUR mission

Larasstory Lara Lain Sydney fitness blog

One of my friends, who I haven’t heard from in so long, sent me a lovely message today, asking a question that I am hearing more and more often lately;

”I don’t know where to start? What can you share with me that can help me get going?”

Larasstory Lara Lain Sydney fitness blog

Ok – so firstly – BIG UP YO’SELF because asking the question IS getting started, you’ve already shown interest in taking better care of yourself.

You’re off the blocks in the right direction. You already started!

Questions like this and taking action by reaching out is very important and a HUGE indicator that you are ready to make a change, so let’s do this!

First things first

  1. Think about what YOU really want
  2. Write it down
  3. Do YOU want to be fit / healthy / drop a clothes size / join a team / get a revenge body because you’ve been suffering with a broken heart? / live longer for your family?
  4. What is YOUR why for thinking more about your health and fitness?

Deep down; YOU know what you really want.

My lifestyle change came about because; I wanted to be seriously healthier after a health scare – that episode changed my way of thinking.

Working out what approach is good for YOU

Once I knew I wanted to take steps to take more care of myself I started thinking about what would be a really good challenge.

Mum always used to say ”Go swimming Lar” but swimming is not my bag – if it was I’d be swimming in the ocean every morning right?

She also used to say ”Join a running club Lar!” and while I considered doing this many times, it didn’t pull me in enough to take action. I was already running regularly – I wanted something new.

I decided on Bootcamp because I knew it would be really hard. I wanted something I couldn’t do.

The thought of smashing things I can’t do really excites me and gives me butterflies in my belly … Because I know I will fail on route but I’ll work to get there and it makes the progress feel so worth it!

However, I am an ”110% all or nothing” person (ask my billion exes!) and this approach might not be good for you.

Perhaps you want something you feel comfortable with from the off – and that’s just fine!

What is it? Is there a sport you used to do in school that you loved? Is there something you secretly miss being a part of? (Mine is Netball).

However, if the thought of joining an old sport straight off the cuff doesn’t feel right – ~because confidence issues~ I completely understand!

If you can’t cope with the idea of just picking something up again overnight then start with simply walking.

Get going with daily walks and try to hit the well known goal of ”10,000 steps a day” – you can track your steps with free Apps on your phone / or a FitBit.

What if I literally ”CAN’T DO IT?!”

My Mum used to go to step classes, this was back in 2013 before I left the UK to travel, and I went with her one day.

I was SO SHIT – that the lady teaching took me off the step I was on (in front of the whole class!) and made me go to the back of the room. Because I was so un-coordinated I kept going the wrong way and confusing everyone.


So maybe not Step class if you’ve got 3 left feet like me – but what about Boxing? or Body Jam or maybe start gently with Pilates or Yoga? Or Dance classes to get yo’ groove on?

I’m putting all these ideas out here because honestly, when you start looking into your options you will find there is a myriad of activities available with your name on it.

You just have to keep trying on different sizes until the shoe fits, Cinderella.

Group sessions are daunting (at first) because;

  1. You’ve never done it before
  2. You have no idea what to do
  3. Everyone else has done it before (you think)
  4. Everyone else knows what to do (you think)
  5. Blah blah blahhhhh! … by the 3rd/4th session your shit will be starting to come together and your confidence will be growing – just give yourself a chance and attend a handful of sessions at least. Many places will give you a week free trial, so don’t pretend you don’t have options!

If you do classes and hate it (aka me with Step), keep going until you find one you enjoy – don’t tell me there is nothing out there for you, because that’s a LIE, why lie to yourself?

You simply need to keep trying until you find something that makes you feel good.

What about a Personal Trainer?

Once you’ve gone from couch potato to working out regularly for a few weeks (I honestly recommend trying to stick to 3 days a week – that’s achievable yes? It doesn’t have to be every day but less that 3 workouts a week and you are not likely to see yourself progress any time soon, let’s be real! …)

Then you can start thinking about a PT; if 1-on-1 sessions interest you and you can afford it.

PT’s aren’t cheap but if you are keen I recommend finding one who is suited to your needs 110%.

Of course you could get a PT straight away as Step 1 – again, this is personal preference.

I was buzzing to get stuck in with mine as I felt I was ready to lift myself up a gear. I felt I had a good base to build from with the 10 weeks of Bootcamp work I had already put in.

Again – this is completely your choice. Please note how much emphasis I am pushing on what YOU want. You have to put yourself first with all of this.

PT’s are professionals and there to guide you every step of the way – if you fancy the idea of a PT from Day 1 please do it! Do it, do it, do it! 

What about food? How did you start being healthier and what are you doing daily that I can do too?

Ok, so, my food right now is very, very simple.

  • Low fat, low sugar cereal for breakfast – with low fat, low sugar milk (low fat, low sugar everything! Start reading your labels and taking this shit seriously, it makes all the difference!)
  • Fruit (banana or apple for snack)
  • Lunch is a Thr1ve meal which to be completely honest is very, very basic and they are all quite similar – meat, generally chicken or fish and lots of clean, veggies
  • Afternoon snack (more fruit, banana or apple)
  • In the arvo is when I want a ‘treat too’, instead of reaching for the chocolate I now have nuts or a (small) protein bar – they come in sweet flavours but are low in sugar and fats
  • Evening meal is also a Thr1ve meal – similar format as the lunch. I make sure I mix it up so I’m not having chicken twice in one day etc
  • Evening snacks – I don’t do this anymore – I get my snacks done in the day. Do I REALLY need to snack at home at night? No I don’t. I will have a cuppa tea if I fancy it though but I cut my sugar from 1 to 1/2; it’s the little changes that count
  • ALL DAY; I drink water all day, every day with at least 3.5l being consumed daily. Water is your secret weapon – never under estimate the importance of keeping super hydrated.
  • I am living as above 6 days a week. 1 day a week I have a ”cheat day”, this week I had a fry up for breakie and a pizza and cake for dinner. It’s one day only and I enjoy it – gawd knows I am putting the work in every other day!

I hope this post has given you some base ideas to get your ”get up and do it!” feels from.

I must STRESS – your fitness and health journey is YOURS. No matter what I, or anyone else, says to you or does around you – this is about YOU.

Give yourself a bit of time to work out what works for you – maybe the thought of my food plan sounds boring to you. I know it’s basic AF but for me, it’s working and I’m enjoying it!

Maybe you want to jazz things up a bit and make your own healthy, low fat, low sugar meals at home instead?

The main thing here is – if you are reading this post or indeed you may be one of the people who has reached out to me recently from around the World – you want to make a change and trust me, that’s so exciting!

Once you get over that little mental hurdle of wondering ”Where do I start?!” and ”WTF to actually do and when to do it?!” you are on your way to be better version of you.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, as ever I am here to share my version of events …

While I am no professional I know what is making me feel and look good – and I know I can help motivate you if you want me to – drop me a private message any time. I ❤️ to hear from you!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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