1 MAJOR key to your health and fitness success

Today marked my 12th week finished at Bootcamp.

”12 weeks” is often the timeframe you see fitness gurus / personal trainers / gyms / bootcamps offering as the point at which they can wholeheartedly ‘‘Transform you!” and ”Change your life!”.

12 weeks is 3 SOLID MONTHS of work – to get that far you will have made some serious changes to your life; you will have shown commitment to your mission. 🙌

The ”transformation” you will have gone through will now, to some degree, be a part of your every day life.

Bootcamp has been no easy feat. It takes HUGE drive to get up at 530am (in the dark the last 6 weeks and the next 6 too!) to train to the point of nearly being sick 4 / 5 days a week.

As I look back over the last 12 weeks, I know one thing is for sure – amongst every trick in the book one of the most important things you can do for yourself is; be consistent.

*Round of applause please* … Hardly rocket science is it?!! 😅

But you would be amazed at how difficult many people find sticking to anything.

Making postive changes for the long haul is possible BUT you have to really want it or you’ll always be half assing things with one foot out the door …

And that begs the question – what’s the point? 🤷‍♀️

4 ways to makeconsistentwork for you

#1 If you go out on the weekend, you MUST show up Monday – even if you can’t give 110%, give what you can. Be there. Be consistent in sticking to your weekly plan.

#2 If you find you slip off the wagon with your eating, don’t get yourself into a hole whereby you’re like ”F**k it, I’ve already eaten all this s**t already I might as well keep going”. A little blow out is not the end of the world BUT you need to know when to stop. Be consistent in checking yo’self before you wreck yo’self! 🙅‍♀️

#3 If you feel you’ve ‘done enough this week’ and ‘need a rest’, make time for your rest day/s and then get back to it once you have recovered. Try not to leave more than 2 days at a time between being active. This doesn’t have to be a full on pounding but at least get outside and walk! Use your body. You were not created to sit on the sofa or at your desk all day. Be consistent with keeping your fitness as a priority in your life.

#4 If this sounds like you ‘But I can’t go out without eating bad food and drinking!””How am I meant to not drink?!” ”Drinking is fun! I’ll miss it too much!” … think again – you actually can still have a social life!. I have been balancing things just fine, with effort of course … Take extra time to read the menu (chicken/ fish and veg is on pretty much every menu out there – don’t make out like this has to be super hard for you!). Drink vodka and soda water with fresh lemon / fresh lime, drink for fun but don’t go cray cray. Be consistent in taking extra time to read your menus. Be consistent in sticking to low calorie drinks only.

Make regular changes – find your groove! Stick to them and they will become your personal hacks for developing your own health, fitness and well-being. Consistency is King! 👑

Thank you for reading!



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