From hospital bed to the best shape of my life in 12 weeks – is now YOUR time to make a healthy change?

I’m 12 weeks into my health and fitness journey and now daily I get messages via Facebook and Instagram plus also comments in work, at home, from my friends – telling me;

I look fabulous, asking what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and words of encouragement to keep it up.

I’m sharing the pic above of me in hospital, back 15 weeks ago on 17th March, as an open reminder that your health is the most important thing in your life.

You can have all the money in the world, be in a high flying job, be madly in love with the love of your life, have a family you couldn’t live without – but what are you to anyone, or yourself, if you are not healthy.

I ended up in hospital after working myself into the ground, taking on too much.

Because I wanted to; I must make that clear – I was on a mission in work to “be my best self”. Classic me.

And look what happened! I burned out.

I picked up a random virus (which the doctors first said was a problem with my heart!) and ended up with 2 weeks off sick, not being able to get out of bed for fever and ultimately being no good to anyone.

My work had to cope without me, not easy. An absolute nightmare actually.

My Mum was frantic and had her bags packed to fly over Singapore. As did my Uncle, ready to fly across the world from Wales.

Thankfully the virus/ infection was just that and while it wiped me out completing and really frightened me I thank ALL the Gods it was not a problem with my heart.

Being so ill, it’s the most poorly I’ve ever been in my life, was a HUGE wake up call to me.

After abusing my body with excessive drinking and all sorts of ‘party prescriptions’ over the years (because hell knows Lara Lain LOVES TO PARTAYYY 💃) it was finally time to take stock.

Did I want to be healthy?

Did I want to be HERE?

As soon as I recovered I made a few big changes to get to today;

#1 ➡️ I settled back into work and took a step back in my role to ensure I was working to maximum performance but in a manageable way – self care first.

With self care came better work results.

#2 ➡️ Then came the Bootcamp sign up, which I’m now in my 12th week of.

#3 ➡️ Then came Personal Training, I’ve had 5 sessions so far.

#4 ➡️ Two weeks ago I also changed my diet to be SUPER healthy.

I’m sharing this to ask YOU a question – if you are not taking care of you right now what will it take to change your mindset?

Is it going to be a fright like I had? A doctor saying to you “you may have a hole in your heart – this is not normal for your age, you really shouldn’t be here”

I honestly believe I was meant to get ill. It was a sign to really sort myself out and start enjoying my life even more; with an added respect and care layer for my body.

The amount of YOU that are keeping up with my journey is really showing me you might be keen to make a change.

PLEASE reach out to me if you want some motivation / help / advice. I’m not a professional but I can 110% drive you in the right direction.

I’m 33 next month and am in the best shape of my life (see evidence below from last nights PT sesh with @bodies_by_jax 🤩)

I have so much respect for my body now, a newfound respect.

You can have this feeling too!

Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you!

Cheers to Good Health! 💫



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