Shrinking (the healthy way) and being high on lyfe at Hyams Beach

So you spent a Sunday in paradise?

Today I was very lucky to visit a place I have heard SO MUCH about during my years of living in Sydney.

Jervis Bay babyyy!

A girls day out road trippin’ a couple of hours South of Sydney ended up being so much fun. We were basically on the road to Melbourne (and while we didn’t quite make it that far) where we stopped was a true Aussie Dream.

First stop; We swung by the Gelato Emporium for a breathtaking view over Wollongong. Wollongong looks huge, its strung out behind 5 or so beaches. I was really surprised – I imagined Wollongong to be a little place in the countryside – I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Second stop; Hyams Beach – the beach home to the ‘whitest sand in the world’, so white it holds a Guinness World Record! This place is the stuff postcards are made of. 110% recommend a visit if you ever get the chance. It was just perfect – I really can’t describe it any better than that one word.

Third stop; Lunch at Huskisson – we sat waterside for a lush lunch (healthy AF, I had salmon and veg). We were amazed to spot a couple of dolphins! It was surreal to be sitting on a ‘winter’ day feeling the heat (and worrying a little about sunburn) to see them so close to shore.

When you live in Sydney it feels so good to get out of it, for short periods only of course 😉. It’s great to leave to get some perspective of there being a world outside where you live and work.

… Sydney is so fab – you really don’t need to ever leave but when you do there’s some serious treats out there!

However, as much as I LOVED today – I went for a walk when I got in to Bronte. I felt like I hadn’t seen ‘my’ beach in too long (a day feels like a long time away from my backyard ocean!).

Thank you Jaime & Sar for a memorable day!

Check the beaut pics below and scroll down for the latest on my health & fitness journey


Artwork I picked up today! I loved it, couldn’t leave it behind! 

Health & Fitness Journey update

I skipped in Bootcamp this week! After 11 weeks of just jumping on the spot because ”I can’t get my coordination right for this and I’m wasting time trying here!” I managed 8 – 10 skips in a row a couple of times. The goal per set is 100 skips so while I am wayyy off where I should be I’ve made progress – that is a HUGE win for me, I was absolutely buzzing. The little wins are the BIG wins! Every positive improvement counts.

Yesterday I had my first weigh-in and measurements day with @bodies_by_Jax. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or even what ‘good’ would look like on paper but I knew 110% that I felt so much better in myself since my first check in (8 days before).

My stats, Saturday 30th June 2018:

Weight ⬇️ 2kg

Bum ⬇️ 1.8cm

Waist ⬇️ 1cm

I was shocked at these big drops but glad to see the changes to my diet (and the 7 days of training I had done in that previous 8!) had made an early difference.

I am expecting these numbers to shrink further next week – then weekly after that I reckon we will start to see everything steadily increasing, as my muscles tone up.

But we will see – I really have no idea and am interested to see how my body balances out as we move forward with the right healthy diet and lots of training.

Bye bye rubbish in my system; Right now I’m detoxing to get all the rubbish out – I have been super strict with my healthy eating and am finding it fine.

Provided I have enough healthy snacks to keep me going between meals it’s all good – so I make sure I am always stocked up at home and work / carrying something with me.

I snack on fruit (apples, bananas), low fat yoghurt and berries or low fat (small) protein bars. The protein bars are really sweet, so they are good for the sweet hit but definitely could be addictive so I ensure I have absolute max 1-per-day and I won’t go over that.

Due to me cutting right down on sugar and saturated fats I’m still getting natural sugars from my fruit – I LOVE fruit and can’t cut that out, that’s a bit of personal balance for me.

I also refuse to cut out cups of tea, I have cut down but not out, I LOVE tea. It makes me happy so I can’t lose it! I’ve cut sugar from a whole one to a 1/2 … those little changes are making all the difference.


  1. Tired and whoozy the first few days of this week. That’s that sugar come down. Bye bye shizz I don’t need!
  2. Going out and picking healthy food – today I was good as gold and ordered salmon (minus the noodles) and with extra veg instead. I could have caned something naughty but I’m so focused I won’t waiver, not right now anyway!

Sharing this to keep you in the loop of my improvements. Hopefully I can inspire you to make HEALTHY changes in your diet / lifestyle.

Pick something you would like to change and make moves to do so, it doesn’t have to be anything major – just pick something achievable as your Step 1 and see how you go. Just try!

As ever, I am not a health professional in any way whatsoever. I am on a personal HEALTH and FITNESS journey and can’t wait to see where I end up in a few months.

I’m going to New York in 4 weeks, I’m also moving to a new home (not yet found!) the day before I go to New York. So the next few weeks are going to be hectic.

Is it weird I’m already wondering how I’m going to cope while being away, what with my healthy new diet and 6/7 days working out – I’ll find a way to make this work when I’m away somehow.

Or maybe I’ll just have a week off – will have to see how I feel! That’s a few weeks away yet, maybe I’ll feel like I need a break by that point 😅

Thank you for reading my post – I hope you have a fab week ahead. Take care of YOU.



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