Why I’m treating myself like a Kardashian


Yesterday marked my third session with Bodies by Jax. We did weight circuits and then finished doing ”drumsticks” on the ropes – I am realising more and more how much I love learning new things.

I feel like I’m a good ~student of life~ right now where I want to be the best I can and give everything I do 110%.

It amazes me when I think things ”look easy” yet when I try it myself my arms go the wrong way / my feet go cackhanded etc etc.

Being ~shown the ropes~ was one of those ”Am I doing it right?!” moments.

When I looked back on the video below I was really proud – I look strong and there’s definitely a good base to work from. 💃

I actually look like I’m in a position I am very familiar with from my Show Jumping days – all I need is a horse under me right? 😉 So maybe it should have been easy first go after all!

… I look forward to getting the hang of these!

I came off the back of last night buzzing. It’s not just about getting fitter and stronger, it’s about learning new skills too!

This morning I went to Bootcamp under a stormy winter sky.

I felt tired and slow but pushed through. 😴

I have to take into account that I have made some huge changes over the last week and everything is kinda happening at the same time:

  1. I have massively cut back on sugar and fats, not completely out but not too far off (I’m still having 1/2 a sugar in my tea … #Ilovetea #teaislyfe)
  2. I started my new Thr1ve meal plan on Monday – this is for weekdays, Lunch & Dinner, only. It’s super healthy, super low in fat and sugars and also super low in calories.
  3. I’m now taking a range of (tailored for me) supplements and vitamins.

As tasty and beneficial as it is being on this major health trip, it is definitely a shock to my system.

At nearly 33 years old I’m feeling big changes after having never done anything like this before.

I felt a bit whoozy a few times this week, whoozy and tired = direct side effects of cutting out sugar.

I’m legit living in a state of flux due to a sugar come down! Something I did not expect at all!

I did however expect to feel hungry but I don’t because I am eating plenty.

I have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I snack throughout the day – all healthy snacks, including fruit which will give me natural sugar.

I also keep super hydrated, getting through around 3L of water a day easily. The more you drink, the more you get used to it – the more you want.

Today I ate a few sweets (literally 5!).

I regretted it almost immediately because the sugar rush went to my head. It wasn’t worth the cheat moment because I felt weird for a bit afterwards. 😫

I am sharing my journey with you to hopefully give you some inspiration to make HEALTHY changes in your life.

I am NOT on a crazy weight-loss plan or anything like that, absolutely NO WAY.

I am on a personal health and fitness mission.

… I only encourage HEALTHY options. You NEED to eat properly to fuel your body. You NEED to keep hydrated at all times. NEVER skip a meal.

Above all – look after yourself and listen to your body.

Also please obvs remember I am not in any way a health professional – what I share is my own personal experience that you may wish to take something from.

Gone are the days when it was only the ”Sports science” peeps and ”athletes” you’d watch on the TV that were the only ones into fitness and health.

Vegan’s and fitness freaks are no longer laughed at as being ”obessed” or ”OTT”, they are admired (ok, maybe not Vegan’s so much…;) as ‘normal’ folk want a piece of the action too.

The Kardashian’s and all the other celebs out there are no longer living lives we once thought were unattainable – we know what they do thanks to the freedom of the internet and social media.

This insight into their lives makes it possible for us to follow suit. 💃

Kourtney Kardashian is an absolute fitness and health freak and while I can’t see myself ever going quite that far (she doesn’t give her kids proper pizza – I mean, come on!), there is no denying she looks amazingggg and is super healthy. She positively glows! 💯

Kourtney K looking mighty fine aged 39!

I watched Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories this week and she was doing things in the gym that I have done myself during my first few sessions with Bodies by Jax

Living a bit of that celebrity good life is attainable if you want it! It’s out there for the taking people! Be your own celebrity!🙌

If you can’t afford a PT / have no interest in the gym / hate the thought of a Bootcamp just look to make ONE positive change to your health and wellbeing.

I’ll bet my bottom dollar you don’t drink enough water – start there!

Thank you for reading – lol at my Kardashian’s references (#ilovethem #notsorry) but you get what I’m saying don’t you?! 🤪



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