Why I signed up with Bodies by Jax

Today was my 2nd personal training (PT) session with Jax aka @bodies_by_jax at Fitness First, Bondi Junction.

Friday also marked closing off my 10th week with Evolution Bronte Bootcamp.

… it’s been a busy AF week!

Why a PT? I thought you loved Bootcamp?!

Bootcamp is most definitely my morning ritual now, 10 weeks deep I’m fully committed.

Before this I used to run most mornings at sunrise – Bootcamp has given me a more effective, fun workout and it fully sets me up for the day ahead.

After Bootcamp I go to work and my energy is high all day. Generally by the end of the day I still feel I can do more exercise.

Adding a PT into the mix feels like a natural next step right now – I really want to test what I am capable of and push myself to be my best.

Why @bodies_by_jax?

I had not considered a PT at all until very recently; when a couple of my friends were shouting about how awesome Jax was on their Instagram …

I had actually messaged one a few weeks ago, all ”DAMN GURLLLLL, WHAT R U DOIN’ TO LOOK SO DAMM FINNNEEE?!” because she always looks amazing but lately she looked seriously unreal!

One of my other friends, Zara, got so into her fitness that she became a qualified PT herself, – I only recently took onboard that she had started her journey with Jax!

Essentially I was inspired by my mates.

Light bulb moment

I realised that if I wanted to really take myself to the ~next level~ I needed to add another layer; to buckle down into the gym and get on a proper healthy diet.

I reached out to Jax on Instagram. When we discussed his years of experience and what he could potentially do to drive me forwards I was 110% go, go, go!

It’s amazing how much there is to being a professional PT.

I feel like I want to learn as much as I can about how my body works and fuelling it properly with the right food, drinks, supplements etc.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 15.13.24

Jax = the guy who is going to make me FIT AF AF AF!!!

How will you have time for this?

As I’m single, I have no one but myself to look after – so that means I am free to do whatever I want in my spare time outside work …

I have the time and the drive to do this so imma do it – imma do it right – 110%!

Bootcamps 3 or 4 mornings a week and PT’s 2 or 3 evenings a week – I’ll find the balance so I don’t burn out.

Is this going to be ”bad” for you though? 

Since my health scare back in March I have completely changed how I go about looking after myself.

I started Bootcamp as soon as I was well enough after that scary episode – I wanted to focus on my health and wellbeing.

Adding PT sessions into the mix only adds to the upward spiral I’ve been living on.

How can you afford all this?!!!

I am prioritising it above most other things right now. I want to afford it so I’m making it work.

I know this is not a viable option for everyone but if you can’t afford the gym etc – you have the great outdoors at your feet.

All you need is a pair of trainers and comfy workout gear (you can pick that up sooo cheap these days!).

Your health doesn’t have to cost you the earth – you really do have no excuse. And you really do only have ONE BODY in which to live.

Think about that next time you’re shrugging your shoulders and saying ”I can’t be assed”.

How does you going to Bootcamp & PT’s help me?!

As I go I will be sharing tips and inspiration on my IG, Facebook and right here. I will try to include as many ”freebies” and ”cheap” ideas as possible.

You could be a man in his 50’s reading this, a man who can’t remember the last time he broke a sweat … at 50 you are likely not even 1/2 way through your life yet.

People live to 120 these days!

Whatever your current shape, age, status it’s about making the changes that suit YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

What I’m doing right now is perfect for me. Find out what is perfect for you.

What can YOU do to help YOU?

Listen to the voice in your heart that knows what’s best for you – you hear it for a reason.

3 quick wins to hugely help your health & wellbeing

  1. Aim for 3.5 litres of water a day #tipfromJax … (start with a cold pint within the first 8 minutes of you waking up)
  2. Aim for less than 2g Saturated Fats per serve #tipfromJax
  3. Aim for less than 5g Sugar per serve #tipfromJax

I fully appreciate what I am doing is not for everyone but if I can help you make one improvement in your life then, well, WOW – we’ve achieved something together!

If you are already on a new journey too – YAY for you – keep going and be sure to share your story with me too. I’ve got friends and family all around the world right now who have signed up for gyms, bootcamps and PT’s and to hear that makes me so happy.

We got this!

BIG THANKS to Jax for taking me on – super excited for my transformation over the coming weeks!

Thank you  for reading. Have a great week ahead!




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