Your morning routine can change your life (for better or worse – you decide!)

You have quite possibly read about this topic numerous times before as we all have different ‘’best ways to start the day’’.

How you ~look after you~ from the moment you open your eyes is so important and all too often, completely overlooked.

Getting up “on the wrong side of bed” happens to the best of us, even the early morning lovers 🙋‍♀️ can’t escape the ol’ “can’t be assed today” feeling now and again.

But 9.99 times out of 10; how you get going will be your benchmark for your day ahead.

My perfect (weekday) morning looks like this 

  1. Wake up just before / with my alarm @ 540am
  2. Get straight up (don’t check social media)
  3. Drink as much as a pint of cold water as I can (usually ¾)
  4. Bathroom – loo and brush my teeth, no dilly dallying in the mirror etc, get in, get out!
  5. Open the blinds – let the light and outside world in
  6. Eat a banana at same time as getting dressed 
  7. Make my bed
  8. Pick a song that I want to run to the beach with (and check social quickly – notifications only, don’t reply to anything)
  9. Leave the house @ 555am on the dot 554 / 553 is better timewise but 555 is my cut off to be on time for #10
  10. Run to the beach …

start Bootcamp @ 6am then go about my day uplifted, positive and knowing full well that I have given my body and mind the best chance of a great day ahead …

Even if the rest of the day goes downhill I know I started with the best intentions for my health and well-being 🙌

If I wake up in this way 5 days a week I am having a sterling week, 110%. This is my version of my best self.

it depends what I’m doing / where I am but generally if I can I’ll switch off my alarm and get up in my own time. It’s all chill, fun focused and wind down time – no pressures. 

How I can easily ruin my perfect morning

  1. It’s raining AF outside, this is rare but I’ve missed Bootcamp once in 9 weeks for the rain – I just couldn’t hack it so stayed in bed and went for a run that night after work instead. Can’t change the weather but I could have sucked it up and cracked on! 
  2. I’m hungover / on a downer after a hectic weekend – I’ve missed getting up on Monday twice in the last 9 weeks for this. It is the WORST and completely throws my whole day out because I know – if I’m going to party I need to push through on a Monday too. My rule in London was “work hard, play hard – always show up for work and get s**t done!”. Always showing up is the major point here.
  3. Genuinely feeling completely worn out when the alarm goes off – I think I’ve slept in once in 9 weeks for feeling too tired to get up. This is rare – mornings are usually my absolute best time of day (no matter how little sleep I may have had #straightthroughcrew).
  4. Not having a banana in the house! Running off to Bootcamp on an empty tummy is not good – I did it this morning and went after having a handful of almonds (better than nothing at all but hardly enough to give me energy to give Bootcamp my all. Bad life choice not having fruit stocked up!).
  5. Not getting up immediately – staying in bed for 2,3,4 minutes scrolling social media. Not only is this a huge waste of time and throws out my whole morning but it’s completely mindless, there’s no way I am engaged in what I’m doing at 542am on Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram trying to work out “if she will EVER reveal what happened?!” when ol’ Tristabel cheated on her 3 days before their baby was born … social media = major no.
  6. Faffing picking a song, usually I’ll go with an ol’ faithful from my playlists

If you are ‘’not a morning person’’ or don’t have a goal to get up early doors for you can still add in these tiny little (very important AF) life hacks to make your day a better day;

Morning tips for everyyy bodyyy

  1. Get up on time – whatever time suits you, sticking to a routine will make the rest of your day so much easier. 
  2. Don’t go on social media first thing. Just don’t. You’ll feel 10 times lighter for it. 
  3. Drink as much as you can of a cold BIG glass of water.
  4. Listen to music you love to help lift your mood for the day. Anything goes -whatever makes you feel GOOD.
  5. Make your bed, always, always make your bed – who wants to come home to an unmade bed – keep that baby fresh!

There are numerous studies out there about how the ‘’First 8 minutes of your day’’ can change everything and judging by what I do between 540 – 555 when I leave the house I can fully see how important every minute is.

One missed minute (on the Kardashian’s Insta pages) has an immediate domino effect across the rest of my routine.

The first day I went to bootcamp I turned up at 555am and my trainer, Matt, said ‘’Get here on the dot at 6am – you’ll see that’s what everyone does … those early 5 minutes add up to 25 minutes a week, you need that sleep!’’

It’s all about how you manage your time and every minute counts. 

EVERY MINUTE – make your minutes and your mornings count! 

Thanks for reading – have a great morning tomorrow #andthenextday #andthenextday


*Thanks Shannon for the inspiration for writing this post – morning routines are indeed EVERYTHING 🙌


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