June 2018 – Where are you now?


For those old enough to; who remembers when the world was meant to be no more on New Years Eve as the year struck 2000?

That was legit half a life time ago – fast forward more than 18 YEARS to now, June 2018 and we’re still going strong! Thank God 🙌

As we hit half way through the year I feel like 2018 has so far, been a steep learning curve but it just keeps getting better.

Something clicked in a me a couple of months ago – after I fell ill in March. Since then I genuinely feel like I am cocooned in a protective zorb, where I am my priority.

Looking back it feels like I fell ill for a reason – to seriously put myself first as I moved ahead …

Weekends Away

This weekend gone; I visited a small town 6 hours inland of Sydney, it was an eye opener to a super-steady Aussie way of life I have previously had no vision of. As much as it was an experience of unfamiliar things (which I am always up for!).

I was so glad to get home and back near my slice of ocean. I really miss the water when I’m away – Bronte has my heart! 💛

The weekend before; I made my second trip up to the Gold Coast for the Polo by the Sea event – that day was one of the best days I’ve ever, ever had in Australia!! Horses, champagne, fast cars, great company and the sea!

I literally could not wish for anything more. It was surreal!

The weekend before that; I was back in Perth  …

It’s been awesome to get around and cram in so many different experiences lately but for now I am glad to be home in glorious Bronte. I look forward to the next few Winter weeks by the shore.


I find my connections with my true friends continue to remain super strong, if anything they feel stronger as time goes on.

No matter where we are in the world or how long we haven’t seen each other in person for – regular contact and always being there when we all need each other is key to keeping us well and truly alive.

As is taking the piss out of absolutely everything at every opportunity – laughter keeps the love alive too!

A handful of my friends are going through some seriously testing times right now. I call them to pep talk and remind them they are fabulous! I also remind them that no matter how bad it is it will pass. Eventually!!

I HATE to see my friends struggling and send them as much love as I can from across the Globe. Hurrah for the days when they see the light in their situations and start putting themselves first again.

It will happen – we just have to ride it out until things look up.

We all go through shit, the absolute depths but somehow we always comes out the other side – and while it feels like the world is closing in sometimes you can always rely on your closest mates to keep your head above water.

I can’t imagine life without mine.


I’m 9 weeks into Bootcamp now and proud to say it is fully a part of my life.

Winter mornings are not always the best at 530am (!!) but by the time the sun starts slicing through the darkness my body is already in full beast mode.

It feels soooo good to be pushed to my limits 4 or 5 days a week! I love, love, love it and am so very proud of how my body performs, looks and feels.

Loving Me

The more time goes on, the more I appreciate myself …

Where I have been, what I have achieved, what positivity I can bring with a smile, how many people I make happy and how much I contribute on a daily basis by giving 110%.

I also definitely hugely appreciate how good my little body makes me feel – especially now Bootcamp is lyfe!

Being grateful for yourself is so important, self care should always be a priority and you should always LOVE YOU.

It’s not about being vain, stuck up or being the best looking girl in a bar but about being genuine grateful for you! Be sure to sprinkle that goodness on the way … Enjoy me people, enjoy me! 😉


Facebook keeps me and my family alive – does that sound awful? Maybe – but it’s true! I am so grateful for technology and how easy it makes things.

When I first went travelling over 4 years ago we used to Skype but these days my whole family (including my beloved Nan;) is on Facebook – just the touch of a button to keep in touch!

Of course, while we live through devices we always look forward to our next reunions.


Australia is full of perfect Mr. Right Nows – they are everywhere, if you can’t find them in day to day lyfe you can find them on Tinder.

Until I meet someone who is capable of taking me off the single market after 7 years I am happily having the best time!

I do what I want and answer to no one – I spend time with guys worth spending time with when the timing suits us both.

After so many dramas over the years, and me saying ”I just want to have fun” countless times and things ending up falling on its arse – right now my man situ is just how it should be! 

The only thing I’d swap this for is the love of my life – HELLO ARE YOU READING THIS I AM WAITING FOR YOU 😄😄😄

I have so many ~men stories~ over the years, when I finally work out how best to present them without putting my career / my family’s heart rates at risk I will do a tell all somehow. It’s been a rollercoaster, so much fun.

Long may it continue until I meet someone worth slowing down for.


Work continues to be a good challenge each day; our work hard, play hard mentality keeps us going!

Laughing is so important in the work-place and while we smash goals we most certainly balance with fun too!

Some great people have joined Learn to Trade in the last few months – they are based in the UK office but even though they are across the pond the team feels stronger.

Looking ahead

I have three epic trips left to tick off this year; New York, Singapore for my birthday and Bali for Christmas with one of my besties. 2018 will surely go down in my memory books as unreal for travel! I am so grateful and excited about what is left to do!

So far 2018 has been a serious learning curve but in the best ways – because with the learnings and waving goodbye to difficult times comes the upward spiral ☝️

In recent weeks – the 9 weeks since I joined Bootcamp after recovering from being ill – I have been the happiest I can remember.

One of my friends recently asked me if I’m ”always as happy as I appear to be”. I answered honestly – right now yes, I really am but of course it hasn’t always been this way.

I feel like I found everything I wanted for right now; I’m healthy, working hard, keeping super fit, exploring and having lots of fun. This is grateful living!

While it’s this good I will keep riding this wave … We do not know what is around the corner! 🌊

I hope your first half of 2018 has been good! If not, I hope the second half is better – whatever happens it’s all part of your journey – make the most of it as best you can.

Thank you for reading.


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