Manila, Bangkok & Perth in 8 days babyyy

Last Monday 21st May 2018 (how the F is it 2018 already? Last time I checked it was 1999!) I flew out of Sydney at 6am on a Manila #worktrip mission ✈️

I arrived into Manila excited and not quite sure what to expect – it was my first time visiting our Philippines office.

My first trip to the Phili’s back in January had been to visit the GSF Village. 

I had flown into Manila, spent a night near the airport and gone onwards the following morning to the #BAHBAH charity project in Iloilo, Lemery.
I absolutely LOVED that trip.

Our office is in the BGC area of Manila, it’s a really cool spot and feels like there’s a lot of money floating around – lots of high brow shops etc.

I stayed just a few minutes walk from the office so it was an easy commute!

Spending time with the team was great – we achieved a lot in five days. It was lovely to get face-to-face time with people I’d communicated with by phone/ email for so long.

As in all areas of life – things make so much more sense when you’re looking each other in the eye 🙌 

For all the good that my time in Manila did I really (really!) missed my morning bootcamp sessions. 

The hotel had a gym, which I went to 4/5 days but it was only by serious commitment on my part!

I could have easily skipped it every day and just chilled in my room / gone out for food / drinks.

Obviously ~you never regret a workout~ and I’m so glad I kept at it when I didn’t really want to but it definitely made me appreciate bootcamp even more.

I missed sunrise, hankered for the sea and pushing myself in the great outdoors.

I left Manila on a high and flew on to Perth for my bestie’s little girls Christening ✈️

Before reaching Perth I flew via Bangkok – I haven’t been back to Bangkok since Feb 2016 when I left my life living on Koh Phi Phi (where Leonardo Di’Caprio’s “The Beach” movie was filmed).

Bangkok airport is legit ~where it all began~ for me back on 3rd Jan 2014; it was my first stop when I left the UK to travel 🙌

It was also the place where the BBC “Bangkok Airport” TV film crew was waiting for me!

So along with ending up mincing in a BBC documentary that particular airport holds so many great memories for me, I travelled through it so often when I was living free as a solo backpacker in 2014, 2015 and 2016!.

I landed in Bangkok and of course, classic me “didn’t wanna leave”. But needs must – I wasn’t a backpacker anymore!

Onwards to Perth to celebrate Princess Charlotte!

The Christening was such a lovely day! I am honoured to be a Godmother (one of a fabulous squad who just so happened to turn up colour-coordinated).

After 8 days, 3 countries, lots of work, a fabulous Christening and lots of working out all crammed in I left Perth ready to get back to Sydney.

Back to my own bed, my own desk and of course – my sunrise bootcamp sessions!
Winter Warrior starts this week, I am BUZZING to get stuck into this. 

12 weeks of pushing it no matter what the weather is saying!

I shall, obvs, be giving it 110%! 💪

Grateful for the last 8 days! Thank you for reading.



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