Living my best Lyfe 

Since I last wrote; the whole ‘’balance is key’’ life is still going strong, super strong. 

In the week; Bootcamp every morning > Work every day. 

Weekends; Adventures and letting loose (also running some days too – plans depending). 

Keeping up with the Evo’s 

5 weeks back I started with the Evolution Bronte Bootcamp. While I knew I would love it, I didn’t realise how hard a lot of it would be! 

The training is intense; a mix of running, core work, strength, weights and beyond (skipping, boxing etc). When the session starts at 6am I never know exactly what’s in store, I just know I’m going to give 110% and feel amazing during and after. 

I’ve mentioned this before – when I first joined I couldn’t do a sit up and it really f**ked me off – something so simple yet I couldn’t do it. Hello? I thought I was fit?! Anyway … fast forward 5 weeks (to today!) and I COMPLETED IT. 

Finally got my whole body off the floor, more than once! It honestly felt like such a HUGE achievement and was a sterling marker of the fact that I have been working my little ass off. I was absolutely buzzing – something that felt ‘impossible’ such a short time ago had happened. YAY. Abs here I come! 

When we run I am seriously starting to gather pace too, we had 5 mins for an (up Bronte hill) run today.

The first I COMPLETED IT in 4 mins. Second time around I hit it in 3.35. 

The little wins are the BIG wins when you are training. It just feels amazing to make progress and to feel your body giving you it’s all. 

Not only do I feel great inside and out, I am also quite clearly in the best shape of my life. Long may this continue. It feels GOOD to feel GOOD. 

Thank you Matt from Evo for making my early mornings something to look forward to more than ever! 

If you don’t work out, I’ve said it once and I’ll keep saying it – you should seriously think about it, look after yo self, it doesn’t have to be every day but do SOMETHING – one body, make the most of it!

The Goldie Tour 

A couple of weekends back I went to visit my best friend Jen (aka LINDA) and her boyfriend Jon in the Gold Coast. 

It was my first time to the Goldie, it was lovely! 

It’s super chill, super Aussie, all on the coast front and laid back AF.

It’s definitely a place I look forward to visiting again – the GOLD Coast – even the name sounds epic right?

Loving Lyfe 

Recently I have absolutely no complaints in life and I’m making the most of this huge wave of positivity that has engulfed my body and soul .. 

Living my best Lyfe in paradise and I’m super grateful! 

Pics below from sunrise Bootcamp sessions on Bronte Beach and a few from the GC.

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day!



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