It’s all about balance baby 

Yesterday I went out for Anzac Day, one of the most important days on the Australian calendar.

We watched the ceremony in my glorious home spot of Bronte Beach, then headed into the city to the mayhem of the Australian Bar in The Rocks.

Anzac is the only day where “2 Up” is legally allowed to be played – it’s basically a game of heads or tails, that the whole crowd can play with each other.

Everyone gets fully involved and there’s lots of money flying about – it was such a fun day, filled with beautiful Sydneysiders.

I LOVE Australia and Australian people – felt so grateful yesterday to know this place is my home.

What made yesterday even better was today! 

I woke up hangover free and went to Bootcamp. It was a great session and the sunrise was amazing as always.

The last 24hrs have been a great example of how to do everything when you have balance.

I had a few drinks yesterday but didn’t go wild at all – my focus was on fun followed by Bootcamp.

After giving up drinking for 5 months and starting again in early March it feels so good to know I’m in the right place.

Giving up drinking altogether was too much of putting a stopper on a lot of fun and time with good people – I said “No!” to so much during those 5 months and looking back I know I missed out on a lot but at the time I felt I was doing the right thing – which I was as I was learning but still looking back; that was not living for me!

I’ve gotta be out there, in the mix – loving life!

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks if you can get up the next day feeling fresh in body and clear in mind – hangovers are not the one. 

Balance is key. Everything in moderation as we are always told as we grow up. 

Balance, balance, balance – you hear that word so much.

Here’s to keeping the balance and doing everything! 



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