Bootcamp and beyond 🙌

Last week I started bootcamp, sunrise sessions Sydney beach side la la la la – I missed the first session on Monday (because Sunday night…) but made it to Tuesday, all guns blazing.

Considering myself “fit” #becauserunning I thought I’d be ~fine~.

What happened during the first session (and beyond for the rest of last week) turned out to be quite the shock … 

Being fit from running Vs. weights, resistance and circuits turned out to be a challenge.

One of the things that frustrated me was the fact; “I can’t do a sit up?!”.

So while I found lots of the exercises hard (but still relatively easy – in the fact I could do them), there were quite a few things I most definitely need to practice!

I’ve signed up for a month and I’ll be going to pretty much every morning. I’ve always been a morning person so the 530am wake up for a 6am start is fine with me – it’s great to be surrounded by likeminded people who are striving for the better so early in the morning.

I run down, do the session and run back. The run back home is up a mega steep Bronte hill with lots of steps so it’s my final push in my own time before I cool down and walk the last few minutes home in time to get ready for a busy day of work.

Physically I feel in the best shape of my life right now and as 33 looms closer (that’ll be me end of August), I feel that’s a pretty good place to be.

Can’t wait to smash a full sit up soon! #goalsssss 🙌

In other news; 

🌞 Sydney weather has been absolutely unreal these past few weeks – April has been crazy good (usually it should be colder by now) … it’s been amazing to enjoy the Summer that keeps on giving. After spending so much of actual summer keeping my head down working and being relatively quiet personally, it’s been lush to make the most of the final fling of the season.

⌛️ I’m still reading The Power of Now. I didn’t read it over the weekend and today felt I needed to dip back in – I think it’s one of those books that you need to really keep going with to keep your mindset engaged until it’s completely finished.

👯‍♀️ I’ve been cracking on with work, my amazing Executive, Ciara, leaves me in a few weeks to do her farm work – I am going to miss her so much both personally and professionally, we are trying to get as much done before she finishes. I’m so excited for her to go farming though – it’s one of THE BEST experiences anyone on a working holiday visa can do here in Australia!

⏰ “The past is a memory trace, the future is an illusion- what is left when the illusion ends?” … words from the book that have been ringing in my head 

… Being “present” is often difficult, especially when you’ve got stress in your life / heartache troubles / LIFE feels like it’s getting in the way.

It’s always important to make the most of each moment as much as you can. 

Time waits for no one. No matter what you’re going through – time isn’t going to hold up, not even for a second. 

Be there!



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