Living The Power of Now

Wow it’s been some time since I’ve written!

So much has happened in these last few weeks – I was in London, then Singapore then back to London again a few days later … 

While in London second time around I fell ill and was wiped out for nearly 2 weeks.

I literally spent 10 days in bed, it was a horrible time where I drifted in and out of sleep / couldn’t eat / lift my head off the pillow – it was some kind of virus that saw multiple doctors and an emergency hospital trip – but whatever it was could not be pin pointed.

All in all being so randomly and wholeheartedly unwell made me reevaluate what kind of lifestyle I was living.

I was pushing myself too hard. 
So the last two weeks since feeling brighter I’ve been taking it easier on myself and just enjoying being alive and healthy.

I almost feel like I got ill to shake myself into submission of self-care and appreciating life even more (than I thought I already did!).

At the moment I’m reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle – it is one of the heaviest books I’ve ever dived into, it’s almost biblical. If you take it in and are ‘ready’ to read it it will change your life.

I can’t recommend it enough – go buy it!

Hope you are reading this happy, healthy and looking after yourself! 

One life and one body in which to live it in – take care of you and enjoy every moment .. live in your now! 




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