Be happy (like really happy!) with where you are

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!

Work-wise it’s been a case of getting to know my UK team and starting the roll out of how I see the Global Marketing arm of Learn to Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation play out (whilst juggling as many meetings as possible!).

Meetings took up much of my time – this week I look forward to spending more time with my team and working together to get strategies cracking!.

On a personal note it’s also been a whirlwind!. I landed in London last Saturday and have been lucky to catch up with friends, family and also my long-lost four legged friend Malcolm.

While here I always feel that time is of the essence more so than ever; as once I’m gone the exact date of my next trip back is always TBC.

So the more I can cram in, the better.

I have been working around the clock, to ensure I am fully connected with my team and agencies back in Sydney.

Some nights I have literally fallen asleep at my laptop but it’s all been do-able and everything has been ticking along well (huge thank you to my brilliant Exec Ciara for making my life as easy as possible when I’m not at my desk!)

Last time I was in London, with work back in October 2017, I remember feeling huge love for the city. At the time I hadn’t been back in two years and it was great to be on my stomping ground again.

This visit I feel similar feels – I just LOVE London.

I have realised, to be fair, that I really do love wherever I am. With that frame of mind I can be happy living wherever my life takes me (within reason).

It is so important to appreciate where you are.

It’s easy to yearn for what you don’t have; I could easily be here wishing for Sydney sun and my daily time by ocean … when back in Sydney I could pine for culture and the bustle of the streets of London.

But in recent times, I don’t hanker for what isn’t in front of me – I just feel happy where I am.

I think it’s a sign of getting older (perhaps?) and of definitely living in the moment. Of being grateful for life as it’s happening.

When I used to travel at the drop of a hat and leave countries on a whim (because of a boy etc etc..) across 2014, 2015 and into the start of 2016 I was always thinking of what lay ahead.

I often day-dreamed about what might be available to me in the next place and too-often built up fluffy wishes of ‘what could happen’ in my head …

Whereas now I see things more for how they are; Sydney is an amazing, laid back, beachbum lifestyle where I revolve my life around my work and the beach. It’s a seriously GOOD way of life, of that there is no denying.

London is also amazing, it’s all go, filled to the brim with so much culture and history. Here I can live a life-loving version of me that soaks up every moment whereby people watching and the smallest things are important (like red post boxes and black cabs!).

Wherever you may be in your life right now; please enjoy it for what it is and for where you are.

You don’t need to rush from pillar to post in search of ‘what might be’ on the other side – what you are looking for might well be in the palm of your hand this very second.

I honestly think it’s taken me these 4 years of being out of London, traveling extensively and working through various jobs and sharing my life with so many different people on the way to realise that life is really, really good. It’s always been good and I didn’t need to rush around so much.

The more I appreciate life, the more it appears to give back to me.

It’s imperative to make the most of what you have and where you are.

You might be reading this from the UK, having never left for the shores of Australia or similar – but know this; the UK is a pretty damn ace place to be.

It’s not called ‘Great’ Britain for nothing.

To some extent it’s definitely worth ignoring what is reported in the papers and on the news. Keep your head out of the negative stuff which the press repeatedly feed you 24/7 and look at the bigger picture – the United Kingdom is diverse and has so much to offer. Get out and explore what is on your doorstep.

Lara Lain show jumper

My old friend, Malcolm

Three cheers to Malcolm, the wonder horse, for giving me the best reunion ever yesterday! I used to show jump and have horses all my life before traveling so seeing him (my old friend;) was fab.

I am 99% sure he knew exactly who I was, albeit he probably wondered what had happened to my riding skills! He looked after me like an old Schoolmaster and kept me entertained with a few jumps and hacking out in the fresh English air.

The connection between man and beast is something special and one I look forward to experiencing again before too long.

I am so excited for what lies ahead this week. I look forward to working my ass off, functioning on little sleep (and lots of high energy) and absorbing as much of this incredible city before I leave Friday evening.

It’s going to be some week!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend – have a great week ahead!



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