When life is good; embrace it!

It’s Sunday night here in beautiful Bronte. I’m reflecting on the crazy week gone by and gearing up for a HUGE day/ week/ month ahead in work.

There is so much going right now and it’s a case of; head down, make it happen. Let’s do this!

This week was a strong week

A strong week for my outfits, new hair, appreciating my family and friends and looking at life with renewed energy.

I went to a sailing event with a friend on Monday. Then on Wednesday we had our little Meet Up – realistically I don’t know how often this will happen but it was great fun to get 5 fab ladies together for some inspirational chats.


I am failing miserably at completing full books but I am reading every week, which I wasn’t doing before. So I will keep going in that vein and will keep sharing titles worth checking out.

Reading is so important, if you want to grow mentally checking the Daily Mail website every day really is not enough – find books that inspire you! We all need to learn more every day – life is about growth and improvement.

I recommend The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**K by Mark Manson. He is very American and a bit over the top in places. But; on the whole it gives you a new perspective on only focusing on what really matters in your life.

Don’t waste your time on people/ things/ situations that don’t really fit in your bigger picture.

Bye Bye Credit Card!

Today I called my Credit Card company back in the UK to check my account and close it off.

I’d never been one for using a ”CC” but before I left the UK I did take one out (back in 2013) for ’emergencies’ while on the road.

These ’emergencies’ turned out to be flights (and also sending presents home for Christmas, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc etc …).

It feels SO GOOD to have cleared that bad boy. As I get older and busier, I just want things in place to make life easier, to take away any worry of any kind.

Do what makes your life simple, take care of your bills and cards and if you can’t pay them off right away it might be helpful to put them into one place;

In Aus there’s an app called My Budget I saw the lady who owns the company talk in a seminar a few months back – she was very interesting indeed. If you use the app you are more than likely going to see your finances go in the right direction.


I went running (to Bondi) this morning, the weather was grey and rained while I was out … On the way home it cleared up as I was coming back towards Bronte and I felt this huge surge of pure high!

It’s an unusual feeling to get goosebumps while you’re running but if you’ve felt the same before you’ll know what I mean! Life is GOOD!

See pics below for Bondi looking grey, Best Face looking his best and the colours of Bronte that made me feel grateful to be alive today.

Thank you for reading, here’s to a great week ahead!



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